Prius Prime Immediate Lease Buyout

So elsewhere on LH someone helpfully pointed out that Toyota is tossing 4.5k bonus cash at Prius Prime leases, which makes them very tempting for me if I can find a reasonable way to immediately buy one out. Anyone have experience doing this? Want to check before I go down the rabbit hole of trying to figure it out. Located in Connecticut, have enough cash to buy straight up.


Its something that we talked about internally. Basically would just cost you the $650 acq fee. Probably would have to make the first payment

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I mean I’d do that. Probably still net $3-3.5k off an already pretty good value car.

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Any idea if the cash back is regional? Entered my zip (NorCal) on the Toyota website and don’t see any cashback.

May be a challenge to find a dealer selling at msrp but probably doable if you’re flexible.

I’m not sure but definitely could be. I’m northeast region, could be flexible. Will give it a go later this. Month probably.

You have to make the first payment on most leases with the exception of some captives like CCAP that offer sign and drive and actually pay the first payment.

For TFS, to estimate your adjusted cap cost on a zero due at signing lease, take selling price minus any incentives plus your first payment plus 650 aqu fee plus your dealer doc and state fees. This should be very close to your immediate buyout price. Once the deal funds from TFS it can be bought out immediately


This is for my region (north east), not sure others

3EV/PHV RCF Support:

  • MY23 bZ4X $7500 Lease Cash
  • MY23 RAV4 Prime $6500 Lease Cash
  • MY23 Prius Prime $4500 Lease Cash

What’s the issue with making the first payment at signing?

Rent charges will obviously start accruing on day one, and it’ll take __ days to get a TFS account number / payoff.

But any unearned rent charges would be netted out of the payoff anyway, so you’d only be on the hook for a partial month.

And obviously if you do the payoff with a car loan, you’ll be paying finance charges from the date of origination (albeit at a different rate) for the rest of that month anyway.

This is looking good. I was pricing up the prius prime, that extra 4500 lease cash will certainly make this interesting, however with dealerships marking it up 3k 4k 5k is there any point to even consider a lease on this??

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Yea these are totally marked up … i have only seen 2 on the road…

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Anyone know why Toyota is putting lease cash into two of its most in demand units in the Prime models? The incentives don’t seem necessary?

They see people flocking to buy $40,000 vehicles with $50,000 MSRPs when there are $7,500 in incentives.

Pricing strategy is a critical component of marketing.


@BHay you a piranha with the lease cash makes it even sweeter

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How’s the exhaust note? :joy:

Does the sound of cha Ching sound arousing :smirk:

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Rav is the buy here imo

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$200 to inform you broker fee kthx

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spoon feed me the deal plz for the $200

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I am interested as well. Would like to see some numbers if anybody goes this route. I would immediately buy it out.

pretty easy math

its selling price minus the rebate plus first month, license, acquisition fee, and rebate tax

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