Prius C $189/mo + $2000 down? [SoCal]

Can I actually get the same price for 24 months? Or a little better deal maybe (lower down)? Are title etc fees included or extra? Is tax extra? THANKS

If you’re just trying to get into a Prius, and not specifically the Prius C, my wife and I recently leased a '16 Prius 2 Eco for 123 down and 250/mo after tax on a standard 3y/36k lease. We didn’t do security deposits or anything like that either.

We got it from Toyota San Diego via their Internet Sales Department. Off the top of my head I believe the worked out price was about 23,500 or so before a $500 lease incentive.

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Maybe I can help you. I work for Tustin Toyota.

On Prius C model one I could get you below:
$155 with 2K down.
.00001 Money Factor
$150 Subv Lease Cash
$13,815 Residual
24 Months

$153 with 2K down.
.00001 Money Factor
$150 Subv Lease Cash
$12,166 Residual
36 Months

Both payments included OC Taxes. :stuck_out_tongue:

how does the toyota msd work on the lease? looking to get a prius c two in nor cal.

is it max 9 or 10? each msd reduces the mf by 0.00008?

so i coudl have a negatives mf?!

Toyota takes up to 9 MSDs. The lowest the MF can go is .00001.

so if theyre offering base money factor at 0.00001 theres no pt in putting down any msd

They would not allow MSD if they are offering base MF that low.

Prius C is .00001 and $125 subvention cash

Can Toyotas MF be negotiated? My local dealer told me they were set by Toyota Finance and not adjustable.

MF cannot be negotiated unless the dealer marks it up from what the Toyota Finance sets.

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