Pricing variations - real orscam?

Good morning,

I am helping someone with a lease transaction - found him a great deal based on a posted online sale price of a Nissan rogue. pricing from MSRP was discounted by 20%.

I went through the typical process of asking for all the details (MF, RV, fees etc.) and the dealer came back with a different sale price than was posted online. When I inquired about this, she responded that the online price was if we purchased, and the lease sale price was higher.

I call BS on this, but before I do that I wanted to check with the forum. Anyone run into this before? Any chance it could be valid because they qualify for different rebates for purchase vs lease?

The deal with the higher price is still easily within the 1%, but I think with this variance we can do better.

thank you

The only time this is legit is if the dealer is including incentives that are only for purchases to arrive at that “Online Sales Price”.

If you researched more, you’ll find that this is very common. Many vehicles have incentives that are only for purchase or lease and the sales price can vary, depending on which you do.

This was my guess as well per my original post.

Thank you for validating that.