Price negotiation with demo/loaner cars!

Hi Guys,

I am planning on buying or leasing Volvo v90 cross country.
And I researched all the local dealer websites what deals are.

I found a model that

MSRP : $60,140
Dealer Discount: -$11,000
Final price: $49,140

But, I saw lots of articles that you can discount at most 16% of the final price.
So, I can drop the price $7,000 more.

Is that right? or since the deal discounted $11,000, so should I go with that price?

Thank you in advance.

Huh? You’re not going to get $18,000 off a V90; that’s 30%. Also, what year is this car? You can’t lease a 2018 and almost every V90 loaner I’ve seen was a 2018.

It is 2018 model. So, since dealer discount which is $11,000(about 18%) already applied, that final price is still good deal to me?

It’s okay, but again, you can’t lease a 2018. There is no lease support that I can see, and I tried various zip codes. You should get about 16-20% off on a loaner.

Just a cursory search on car gurus showed 2018s with more than $11,000 off, but again, you must buy them and can’t lease them.

There’s one here in NY near me that is $20,000 off, but it’s been there for nearly 2 years. I think I’ve seen this one when I went in for service. One part of the posting says 4,400 miles but another part says over 7,000, so who knows? Either way, why would you want a 2-year-old car?

Thank you for that. Since it has no mechanical issues, I would like to take that car because it is inexpensive.