Price fixed dealers

Don’t you hate it when a dealer says, we’re a no haggle dealer like Carmax and just reject your offer? No where on the vehicle ad was there a mention of it. Ugh!

They say no haggle but they still haggle on your trade and I bet they wouldn’t lose a deal to another dealership.

I also do not like the “We have done extensive market research to give you the lowest possible no haggle price”. I am sure there are some techniques that you can use to get the price down, but I mostly avoid them. I would rather have a few bad deals subsidize my good deal at a regular dealership.

i just use carmax to test drive different cars from different brands at the same time. Most car dealerships ive been too car beat carmax pricing on cars and trade in values

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With the internet making car sales more transparent, this is their way to get the upper hand back.

Personally, I don’t even bother with them, and look elsewhere.

This is highly variable for everyone. Carvana, and Vroom too. Some will win with using them, and others will lose.

The local Lexus dealership is a “Lexus +” dealership which includes, among other things, no-haggle pricing. What that means is that they have colluded with the other Lexus + dealers to fix pricing. It’s a joke.

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