President Event Sales: Real or a Sham, yet another advertising gimmick?

So, I’m in market for a minivan … did some numbers on 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Touring-L back in January… dropped the deal as it was no good. The dealer follows up with ‘President Day’ deals and they are under pressure to meet the targets. Here, I go again yesterday and spend 4 hours with their typical back and forth, don’t see a dollar difference from last month numbers.

Frustrated, I leave the dealership. That has me question on the President Event sales being marketed.

Offers $464 per month for 42months 30k miles with 0 down, sign and drive for an MSRP $37480 (takes away 3500 to bring at 33980 as sale price.

Does this sound fair? LH Score is 6-7 FWIW, which doesn’t sound good imo

That brings the question

Are there genuine deals on supposed President Event or they exactly mean what the President means … screw everyone :smiley: :joy:

Sometimes there is a little more cash available from the manufacturer.
But you shouldn’t have gone into the dealership. E-mail all the dealers around you and sit at home and negotiate.

They don’t respond to email with numbers. At least, I have been unsuccessful in getting them to do that

There are good deals on the Sienna

I’ll have to find a Toyota dealer local here in NJ willing to give me similar deal. I’m though interested in XLE sorts. Thank you