Preparing for leasing


I’ve used the sage advice on this forum several times to score some great deals. With the knowledge I’ve gained here I’ve learned there are certain incentives I can take advantage with some basic planning.

For example, joining Costco a few months before leasing can get you a discount.

Are there any recommendations or hints the Hackrs here can recommend as I prepare for my Chevrolet lease turn in for January?

Thanks in advance.

Double check your credit score. Get you’re turn-in inspection 60-90 days out. Test drive anything you might want to consider leasing. Share your newfound wisdom with others on here.

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Keep it on topic and stop with the idiotic brand bashing.

yea don’t wait until January to sign a new lease, do it at the end of December when dealers are more willing to make a deal due to year end sales goals.


Cast a wide net.

I had a target list of exactly four cars when I started shopping.

I cross-shopped other vehicles at somewhat similar MSRPs purely to be diligent, and ended up with one of them in the process.

No regrets.

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Thanks for the input so far. I should probably clarify further. While i know that many incentives are brand specific, just looking at things generally, like credit cards to apply for, memberships, etc… What are the things I can do ahead of time to ensure I qualify for the most incentives possible?

Graduate from college, join the army, and become an attorney with a savings account at PenFed🤣


All that and join USAA :rofl:

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If you are a Chase customer, check to see if there are additional discounts for your target vehicle.

Don’t forget about USAA’s car buying service.

The extra $100 USAA discount I was offered would have covered almost 45% of the advertising fee their participating dealer was going to charge.

Also hard to beat a $4,100 in total discounts on a $118,000 car that had $12,000 just in Flagship incentives from BMW.


Consider opening a new credit card with an attractive sign-up bonus ~30 days before before you plan to lease.

Many dealerships will let you put some portion of the DAS on a credit card (most commonly I encounter $5k as the limit).

At any given time there are several credit card bonus offers worth $500-750 in cash and/or travel for spending $3,000-5,000 in the first three months.

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Thanks for the suggestions so far!