Prediction that other EV manufacturers will react to Tesla price cuts

LOL…no they don’t.
If that were the case, they would have done it by now.


Wagons? What are these “wagons” you speak of?

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Lol Like the Kia EV6?


For sure! That Kia is a straight-up, proper estate/avant!

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In fairness, they do.

But that’s not unique. In recent history Ford’s margins on F-150s is similar to Tesla’s on M3 and MY. Ford could cut the price of the F-150 and turn the screws on other automakers by dramatically increasing demand at the given lower price point. They chose not to do so.

Everyone makes this political and 5 D chess but it’s just managing the complex factors of running a car manufacturering business.

I would say I don’t think they are doing this to turn out the lights on the competition. They don’t have the power to do that yet. Too much competition with too many profitable ICE models and too much cash on hand.


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Audi dealers are making it sound like they are giving you something extra. Found this email from Audi Rocklin in my junk.


Since when I mentioned Porsche or Ferrari is comparable to Tesla? And since when a reasonable people would think they are comparable? The only name I mentioned is Mach-E there, which you think is comparable to Tesla enough?
And as a potential customer, the biggest EV manufacturer dropped their price drastically, then why on earth am I supposed to think it’s not positive?

No other EV company has the ability to lower prices to get their products under the IRS msrp thresholds. Legacy automakers are already losing money on each EV they sell. Unless they want to eat into their ICE profits more than they already do.

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To bad their lease numbers are awful. Residuals are a joke.


There is already another thread talking about the Tesla price cuts and future of Tesla… I’m still looking for posts in this thread that predicts other EV makers following suit.

Technically… GM was first when they dropped the price of the 23 Bolt ~$6k… and honored that decrease on 22 models. I guess Nissan also did that a year ago. Both of these are almost 20% drops but everyone focuses on Tesla because it was instant (which is a pro/con of D2C model).

For the others to follow, their inventory has to rise more… I don’t think we will see lower trim Lightnings even close to MSRP soon.

Hopefully the non-NA builds will discount… I’m looking at you Kia and Hyundai… but demand will determine this.


The market is the Guru! if it has rewarded TSL with a 20% increase since the New Year and F only 5%, obviously TSL is doing something right!

So in China, Xpeng is reacting to Tesla price cuts:

And VinFast… who doesn’t even have very much out in the US is announcing promotions because of Tesla:

Will we see any movement from the Korean auto makers?

Why would they? At least until supply catches up with demand.


LOL…VinFast the company paying people to write good reviews.

Saw a video review recently from CES, their products are complete garbage.


Kyle does good work.

I noticed today we have a vin fast dealer here
Never heard of it
Edit : Just looked it at it
That thing is fucking hideous


I didn’t think it was that bad, until I sat in it.


Vinfast is Vietnamese not Chinese or Korean I believe.

Holy jeebers. I’m out of the loop. No idea another EV company came to the US. I’ll be interested to see if the fit and finish rival Tesla.,14_KE15,22.htm?jl=1008346827717 LOL!!! BA and $25 an hour GTFO