Pre owned 2016 750xi Lease for $999 per month. Good Deal?


I came upon a Pre-owned, non-CPO 2016 7 series deal today at the local BMW dealer. 7500 miles per year for $999 per month with “0” down. (zero except upfront NY taxes, and fees). Would love your comments on the deal:

Model: 2016 750Xi
Details: Driver Assist, Executive Package, Luxury Seating with cold weather, Executive Lounge Seating, Pano, Bowers and Wilkins Sound: gorgeous car with warranty until 6/20.
MSRP: $116,945
Mileage: 4,000
Their asking price to purchase: $97,400
NADA value: around $88,000-$90,000 with options

Lease Details
LEV: 57%
Miles per year: 7500 miles
Mileage Penalty: $930
Lease end Value: $65,728.65
Term: 36 months
MF: 0.00134
Initial Cap Cost: $93,988.10
Sales Tax: $3280
Base Monthly rental: $999
Total Annual fees $295
Total Initial fees: $1070
Amount due at Start: $5644.55. including first month, taxes (we pay upfront in NY), title and dealer fees

Total Monthly payment: $999 per month

Thoughts? Anywhere I should try to knock them down more besides the initial Cap? Good strategies for dealing with BMW? I may need 10,000 miles per year, and that should add another 40-50 bucks per month to the lease monthly. This car fits my needs, but am in no rush so can wait if needed.

Thank you in advance

Probably sound like I’m a salesman for them at this point but Paul Miller BMW in NJ has one for about the same price but with a lot more options. $128,000 MSRP with $4995 down & $899 a month. 10k miles as well.

Deal is at the bottom of the page. That’s just the deal their advertising but I’m sure you could knock off another ~$50 monthly.

Deal is ok. Should be able to get north of 10-12k off a brand new model. I’d look to buy in NJ so you can do msd’s.

Thanks Sub28. Yeah, that one has a lot more great options. The fine print says that I have to put an extra $4995 up front, so I’m paying an extra $1400 dollars (net present value is higher because it’s upfront) over entire term and getting some additional cool features.

I’ll check that one out for sure.

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