PowerSports Hackr?

Not sure where to put this question so I figured, it would be best if I just asked the community.

Is there any interest in Powersports hackr’ing’?

I have a pretty unique opportunity as one of my dealers owns several power sports dealers. They are looking to turn inventory and would offer me pretty deep discounts if there is interest among the community.

Would you be interested? If so, what brands/models/type of unit(s)?

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Now if only that dealer prep fee wasn’t so ridiculous

What brand we talking?

I have so many tradesmen clients with snowmobile & jetski addictions. The amount of times I hear about how a two-year-old model is no longer good enough… and how all the NJ snowmobilers like @aronchi :-J are ruining upstate NY trails. I know your Midwest, but it may make sense.

Yes. 1010101010

Count me in for some motorcycles :slight_smile:

I’d be down for a cheap little EB (electric bike?). Not really the pinnacle of performance but maybe a little moto powered by electricity still qualifies as a powersport :smiley: