Potential Lemon Question

Hi guys

Leased a brand new 2022 mercedes GLE in december.
I’m taking it back to the dealership for the third time with the same issue.
Is this grounds for it to be a lemon? Has anyone ever dealt with that?
Any input would be very helpful

Will vary by state. Most states are 4 times for the same thing or 30 days in the shop. Best bet is to talk to a lemon attorney.

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can you recommend any? or is anyone on here that deals with lemon law? I’m in NYS


what’s the issue?

The oil is overheating or the sensor is messed up thats saying the oil is too hot. First time they replaced water pump, second visit they ‘patched’ the software after MB in Germany sent the solution. Just dropped off for a third time in the shop, foreman said he doesn’t know what could be wrong but they took it to figure it out because no codes are showing when they are trying to diagnose. GLE 450 just for reference

(CA) Lemon lawyer here. I’m not sure about your local rules, but assume you need a certain amount of repairs. There is an incredible amount of gray area that is often missed in blogs, videos, etc. Call up a local lemon attorney (better yet 2) and get a consult. It’s free and will answer all of your questions.


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