Potential for Great Deals on Chevy Bolts (again) - $3000 Incentive Offer from Costco

Most dealers in SoCal I am contacting already lumping in Costco without me mentioning it. Will make eroding sale price tricky.


Nobody is going to just make you a great offer unless they are a broker or dealer that operates here. You need to push back with your own offer and see if someone will bite. Focus on the pre incentive selling price of the vehicle, it is the only variable in the equation. Once that is nailed down you can put as little or nothing up front in terms of drive offs as you want. As long as you are approved for credit it doesn’t matter. There’s no taxes to pay here in NJ so the absolute maximum anyone should be putting up front is around $1,000 for the Doc and DMV fees if you don’t want to roll them in. But the interest rate is so low it doesn’t really make much sense to come out of pocket for those either.


Anyone trying to pull that needs to be politely told that the NJ rebate program is completely separate from this deal and has nothing to do with this transaction. If they won’t play ball its time to move onto another dealer.

what im saying is they are playing the incentive card

If they start the joke, continue with it. suggest you don’t have a lease, nor have costco membership and will register in NY or PA and than ask for a selling price.

If they still suggest it to be MSRP ask for some of the stuff they are smoking…


All, I am afraid the Costco $3,000 and $1,500 loyalty/conquest is not going to stack. The $3,000 Costco money is being labeled by the GM system as a " $3000 - Costco Member Private Offer". I am pretty sure loyalty/conquest cash is also a “private offer”, which GM does not allow more than 1 private offer on a deal.

Edit: Thanks Trish for clarifying, good to verify Costco and conquest/loyalty lease stack.


According to the program terms and conditions it can be stacked with most publicly available incentives. The only incentive that’s explicitly ruled out is an “HR Coupon”.

Hopefully Trish will verify soon!

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I think both @ethanrs and @chevysalesgirl posted deals that had current lease and Costco as requirements. Trish also mentioned supplier in her deal too.

waiting on edmunds for the MF and residual but with this amount of Costco/Lease/Loyalty/Conquest money I HAVE to think a 24 month lease would be cheaper. Does Chevy allow month to month lease extensions for up to 6 months?

They don’t offer 24 month programs on these vehicles. Most of the state specific rebates and incentives usually require a 36 month term as well.

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Is the 4 rebate limit tied to a person, address or other? I’m wondering if spouse, children other people living in a home allow for additional rebates?

Ahhhh thanks well that sucks for us folks that don’t have these massive state subsidies AND pay sales tax on the full MSRP. #bitterinVA

Which means no Carvana/Vroom/Algo profit if NJ folks are thinking of flipping within a few mos.

Not saying I would do it, but i’m curious: how would NJ track something like that? Set up an alert in the DMV registration database if a VIN# were transferred and then demand the money back?

The rules of the program state “per applicant”, so I would believe that means per individual.

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That’s pretty much how it would work. They would periodically check those cars and make sure they were still registered to the same owner. If not, they could send a letter requesting reimbursement of a prorated portion of the funds.

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CA audits registrations. Easy enough to validate the application against the current registration. Part of the agreement you sign does state the conditions and repayment as these are public funds. How much it’s enforced… YMMV :man_shrugging:

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current lease & costco stack. but the pull-ahead offer doesn’t on top of that.


i was going to ask about pull-ahead. thanks for answering it!

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