“Post it on Swapalease”

Why is there an assumption on LH that people are willing to take bad deals on Swapalease? I figure anyone who can find Swapalease through google can also find LH and it’s deals in marketplace/transfer page with “better deals”

Just wondering as it seems to be a go to answer for any undesirable transfers

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“take it to Carmax” is even sillier. That place doesn’t come close to market value

Because people on swapalease routinely swap terrible deals, and for the most part that community is more likely to take a 3 series for $600 a month.


LeaseTrader also. If it’s abysmal nobody is taking it, but if it wasn’t a great deal to begin with, and it has big MSDs or negative rolled in, a LH can replicate or beat it. SAL and LT are more often people shopping the term (eg less than 24 months) and specifics (X car in Y geography). I looked at a lot of cars on both, and the vast majority of those deals look more like “Worst Lease Ever” than “Unicorn Trophy Garage”

Because people are lazy and thoughtless and that’s a lazy thoughtless answer.


1- Swapalease is definitely more popular (and easier to find) compared to LH.

2- It’s free to post here and people try to avoid paying to advertise their horrible deals.

3- I don’t think people are being lazy when they suggest SAL since lots of horrible deals change hands there.


Consider the source.

LH is about exploring the extremes of lease programs so when someone lists what would otherwise be an okay deal they’re usually referred to SAL because we know most LH’ers won’t go for it.

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SAL is a bigger marketplace for lease transfers than LH. I personally put a car there to swap out of and was successful. So while there’s alot of hate for it, there’s also use for it. At least for me. Ive also seen decent deals on there though they’re hard to find.


Why do people have expensive leases when they could Google and find LH?


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It almost feels like we have a community here who regularly sends the “worst lease deals” to SAL and there are poor fellas waiting to gobble up these bad leases there haha (obviously not the case)

I understand all the points being made, and they make sense. I just found it interesting that it was so regularly said and we never hear back if SAL is successful for those bad deals.

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SAL is good for people who are looking for high mileage allowance. Every once a you can find a minimally used car with lots of miles left. If I had a +50 mile commute I would probably look for one of those deals instead of doing a 36/15 lease.

Also average buyer loves to put down a good chunk of money to make their monthly payments “affordable”. The ones who are impatient without asking any down payment create good deals in SAL.


I find that on SAL the best deal is always pending (leads me to wonder if those are even real) and there are a handful of brokers/companies advertising bad deals for full terms on there also. Hard to sort through the garbage for the one needle (good lease) in that haystack.


Because LH hasn’t been profiled on GMA and grocery store tabloids like SAL and LT were when cave people first discovered swapping leases was a thing. Most people don’t lease, let along swap or hack a lease.

Many financial gurus have soap boxes on the dreadful waste of money leasing is, because they slept through or never took economics. Most google searches about leasing end up on posts about what a sin it is.

The good lease swaps on SAL and LT don’t last long, and people either pay incentives to unload the bad ones or keep them or stop paying them, then they get repoed and go to auction.

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Because not everyone wants a BMW

Because an average deal on LH is a unicorn on SAL, it’s all relative. If people weren’t getting ripped off, none of our :unicorn:'s could be born!


Not necessarily true. You may see that a 3 Series for $600/mo. is ‘Pending’ or ‘Sold’, but you can never really tell what is said in the private conversation between the buyer and seller. It’s likely that the buyer found a car they wanted and worked out an incentive or deal. Most bad deals will not transfer without some type of incentive.

I can assure you the private seller’s are real, we have no need to make false listings. It is true, there will be no-brainer deals that are listed and pending within hours. The key to our website is we have so many registered buyers with alerts setup, searching for the best deals and when they are posted, they are gone. If a window shopper sees a good deal it may be too late.

I have gotten my last two cars (RC-F and CLA45) from SAL for much less than I could have gotten them from a dealership, because both buyers had put down a substantial amount of money and didn’t drive the cars much.

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I’ve successfully unloaded a lease on Swapalease at a fair price (pre LH days) and I am actively looking for a short term lease there now as well.

It is interesting how little the posted deals appear to take into account competitive listings…there are some solid deals and some real dogs for same/similar model/year/mileage/condition.