Post all memorial day deals here lol

Bmw dealer is advertising extra 1500 off lol

Is this for all the BMW dealer?

Should be widely applicable at all BMW dealers everyone from Lexus to Chevy is having 500 to 1500 Memorial day lease cash …

I see, all of the chevy deal are 10k / 36 mo right ? Can’t find any info on those

Yes all cheap advertised deals are mostly 10k miles for 36 months

What’s the fine print? Add TTL and what else?

Where’s the extra Volvo cash?

that’s it, but I don’t know what BMW Owners choice is

I think it’s some weird program they have in GA cuz of their tax laws.

In ga we have to pay the total tax of the car into the lease. Sucks!!!

So if its 499 inclusive of GA TAVT tax for a 4 series convertible, then other States should be be even better payments!!

@ursus will mail it to you lol

0 due at signing means 0 due right? it’s BMW of Georgia, so you can check the details on their website …

The law is changing Jan 1 2018 if you can wait.

Yup, and also get your yachts after Jan 1 2018 too …
Looks like the legislature in GA is really working hard for the common people by giving tax breaks on the Porsche and Yacht leases lol

Memorial day is such a scam … it’s horrible.

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You mean those guys did not really die in these wars and they are scamming us??? lol

If you’re feeling patriotic, I’d advise buying something with more than 51% of from the USA.

Maybe a Dell… wait…