Possible vehicle flips for 2023?

I couldn’t find a topic for general flips on lh so Im posting this hoping its not been done already.
It seems CA residents are locked out of “flips” due to dealers assuming were all Zuckerbergs with $Billion$ in the bank so we get shafted. And not just by Newsom.
I need to offset a future vehicle purchase so I wanted to ask the hackrs if anyone had ideas on possible “positive equity” flips on 2023 models. Not sure many in CA do this but thought I’d throw this out to anyone who has an educated opinion on the topic, esp those who do it as a side gig or sales people who know the industry as well as the current vehicle market. I’ll just list a few that might be possibilities:
BMW XM and i4 M50
Bronco Raptor
Lexus RZ
Z06 and Stingray
Acura Integra
GR Corolla
GR Supra Manual

Please comment or add ones to consider. Thanks.

Flipping a new car isn’t the way to do that. Especially not on more volume based models like a few on your list.

You have to ask yourself, what factors outside of impatience will make someone not seek out the same deal you did?

Once you have that answer you can limit your scope of models that may bring more upside.

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impatience is a helluva drug


I do agree, I just wouldn’t base my entire flipping plan on that factor alone. Especially, if I was needing to offset a future vehicle purchase. I would try to find more factors that play in to my favor.

Now if I was OK with keeping the vehicle without the sole intention being a flip, then impatience alone might do it.

What drives a good flip… scarcity, your purchase price/discount, incentives (like tax credits or manufacturer cash/interest rates/residuals), the state you live in for taxes, externalities like gas prices or the economy, historical depreciation for that model, and the stability of the market that will buy such a model.

Lots of uncertainty in that equation right now IMO but I’m sure you can find something that might make you money and you’d enjoy driving.


Porsche gt 3/4rs
Raptor r

Are corvettes good candidates if you can wait 6-12 months for it to be delivered?

Hope it doesn’t happen, but with everything that’s happening right now the theme for 2023 will likely be how to lose the least amount of money from owning a vehicle. I wouldn’t want to be stuck with a vehicle that I can’t afford or don’t care to own.


Rivian 100%

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Your best bet would be a time machine. You can travel back 6-8 months and write a bunch of order deals at MSRP and then flip those.


Well, not the responses i was kooking for. Seems like a bunch of Karens making assumptions instead.

I think the Vettes may work as my dad’s friend ordered the C8 back in late 2020 and is getting offers of $50K+ over ehat he paid but he wants to keep it.

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That peachy attitude will certainly get you many more of the types of responses that you desire…


Please let me know who is paying $50k over for a C8. I have a ‘23 I would be willing to part with for that kind of dough.


If you can find one. Easier to find a Turbo / S then a GT3, and most dealers will non grata you if you flip within 6-12 months

I’m 19, and have flipped BMWs, in the process of flipping a TRX, have some fords, on several lists for a taycan, and an E-Ray. Also looking at another Porsche to flip (within policy).

Matt Evans has flipped what feels like a dozen defenders and other cars himself, so I assure you I and many others here aren’t “making assumptions”.


Yes ive seen you on the TRX thread :slight_smile: I eould have loved to do this at 19 but credit and money wasn’t cheap at that point but i was able to do a few $10K cash advances on American Express cards and put the money in accounts getting over 5%.

The Porsches are hard to get if you don’t already have a good business relationship with dealers but i think you’re correct it would be a great flip.

My comment about “making assumptions” pertians the Karens telling me that they wouldn’t do it or I shouldn’t do it on the basis of putting money towards a future vehicle, like they personally know my financial situation. Why else do guys make money?? I’m a dude and i like nice vehicles so telling me its not a good idea to make money is plain stupid. Lol

Tundra is another one


I totally agree but when the sales rep asks to see my license suddenly the price goes up $3k-$15k. :-1:t3:

You never walk in the dealership without knowing the price

Edit: I see you are in Cali

Longo toyota does msrp but the wait is probably 1 year + at this point

Thanks for the feedback. I believe Longo gave up their MSRP business this year. Thats what i was told in May. But a Sequoia may be a good possible flip for 2023 as you said, wait times will be far out there.