Possible to get $51,945 MSRP 2017 BMW 330e under $400/month on 30 month term?

This is would be in North Texas. Total MSRP $51,945, but there is a $4,001 federal credit due to it being a PHEV (BMW will usually offer 3k off for lessees).

Options Include:
Paint $700
Premium Package $2450
Tech Package $2750
Driver Assistance $950

Maximum Drive-off (includes 1st month payment) $2000
$399 (w/ tax) 30 months 10k Miles

You should get close… I got $7500 off an almost exact model and someone else on the forum got $8100 off a $55k model. Both of those deals are BEFORE the $3k lease credit, so you basically should get $10-11k off total. $2k drive off is tough b/c you’ll want to put down 7 MSDs to get the best rate if you can. I believe the residual for 30 months, 10k miles is 65.5% (24 is 68%, 36 is 63%) but you’d want to confirm. Texas also taxes the whole car and not just the lease, which will add to your payments, but I don’t know anything about Texas taxes.

My payments on a $52k car for a 24 month lease were $369 including taxes, with ~$4k driveoff (mostly refundable MSDs).

The quote I got was on a 58k car (including options I could do without) 10k miles $499/month 30 months with 2k drive offs

Find out the sales price, the MF and then we can work on reducing the payment. using MSD and detecting any BS charges from the dealer.