Possible discount on Alpina XB7

I am trying to help someone on purchasing a Alpina XB7. What is the possible discount and manufacturer incentive. I am in Northern California. Thank you

Forget discount. You have to ask how much over msrp you will need.

And you definitely won’t get a 1% msrp rule lease on this.

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If you can get even a few % points off, be sure to share it. Severely depressed supply for XB7’s and even brokers may not have luck with it. Probably a case of ‘pay to play’.

But be sure to share trophy pics… :slight_smile:

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I was able to find 10% discount for Alpina XB7


Kinda surprised a Bay Area shop is doing that deal.

Same. Have a list of people with deep pockets with these on their wishlists.


Very nice… don’t dawdle on it! Like the G-wagens and over-MSRP Corvettes, everyone is looking for that unique, hard-to-find trophy :grin:

And share pics! (I think I know this vehicle… it’s a beauty…)


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