Possible deals on 2019 BMW 530e XDrive in North Carolina - how can I make this better?

Long time leaser, first time leashackr (and feeling dumb about all my previous leases) from NC here!

Question first - why do dealers give you one price for cash and then when you talk financing (where I know they make more money) do they change their dealer discount on you? How do you combat that tendency?

Talking with two dealerships about similarly configured 530e’s - not yet seeing the 12-14% discount before incentives I have seen others get. I have gone to each of them to ask for the MSRP and their best price for their vehicle. I tell them I haven’t decided on how I am going to finance the deal.

*** Incentives listed below are $2500 for lease, $1000 conquest, $1000 OL coupon

One dealer is talking about a $64,645 + 698 (tint and bumper door protection - which I am not going to pay for, but for the sake of this situation, I am including it in the calculator) and is stating that car has a cash purchase price of $57193 before incentives which is 12.47% - which I feel is a decent deal. The challenge is he changes up the pricing once I talk financing. There is also a $500 transport fee because the vehicle I am interested in isn’t on his lot.

A different dealer is talking about a $64110 vehicle and he offered 6500 off MSRP + incentives (and said he was losing money) which puts me at the following deal pricing ( no delivery fee as he has the car on his lot):

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

If there are any dealers that can help me out and serve NC or can make a pick up or shipping easy, I’d be happy to talk with you - please PM me.

I’m in the exact same boat. Let me know if you find anything.

Incentives from the manufacturer/captive finance company are often different for a lease than they are on a purchase.

trism, I totally get that - all I am wanting to do is talk what is the price they are willing to sell the car to me for regardless of financing/incentives/captive finance - not sure why the sales price would change based on how I finance. And I am talking sales price, not financed amount! :slight_smile:

You have demonstrated do the seller that you are a “sales price” buyer. Therefore, they are increasing the financing cost and the profit they make from it to bring the “sales price” down to make you “happy”.

In other words, they’re trading profit on the selling price for profit on the financing.

Get the whole lease deal on paper. Make sure the finance charge is the lowest it can be for your region and credit rating and the car. Once you do that, tell them that’s not changing and move back to negotiating selling price.

Are you dealing with NC dealers? I would suggest broadening your scope to see if pricing improves. The BMW dealers in the Triangle have a ready supply of clients willing to pay non-hackr prices, so dont offer great deals.

Yes NC dealers.