Possible Calc error

Seems there is a possible error on the calc. If you have the normal check mark on "Pay acquisition fee upfront and then check the box for zero drive off. The numbers are lower then if you unchecked the “pay acquisition fee upfront” and then clicked “zero drive off”. Appears that it is excluding the acquisition fee amount as if its still checked in the computation.


Thanks for letting us know. We will work on fixing it ASAP!

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Another fix or enhancement would be To disallow MSD’s past reaching the APR/MF minimum. Then provide text that says max allowed Min APR has been reached.

What if I want the captive to pay me interest? :rofl:


I believe the current calculator does set the MF minimum to 0.00001. Even if you pay more into MSD, once the MF has reached 0.00001, it cannot go lower. Maybe a text explanatory note would be helpful.

What about a way to add in delaer add ons (which obviously do not get residualized) like excess wear and tear, maintenance (like AudiCare), GAP insurance, tire/rim etc.
Right now the only way to add it in is by adding to vehicle sale price, which is inaccurate since these items do not get residualized (but can be subject to sales tax).

Doc fee and bank fee need to be taxable. at least they are in NY/NJ.

Yup, plus any dealer add ons that I mentioned above.

Also, regarding the MF minimum, sometimes it can be above .000001 bc say the MF reduction is in factors or 5 or 7, and the MF is like 00032, then the minimum drops to either 00002 or 00004 so a default to 00001 isn’t always gonna be accurate

Not everywhere (VA, for example)

The minimum is .00001. Can be anything above that.

I just add a negative $-999 under incentives for Audicare and bump the RV. Came within 50 cents per month of the actual deal I signed.

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No but I’m saying if let’s say the MF on a Toyota is 00038, and a user mistakenly enters the max 9 MSD, the calc will show 00001 when in reality the minimum in that case is 00006 bc Toyota is in increments of 00008 so the max is 4 MSD so the MF can’t be 00001 in that case, yet the calc will still show it

My understanding is that it calculates it correctly based on the increment and will not go into negative, with .00001 being minimum. But maybe I’m wrong.

Right, I’m just saying that there are instances when 00001 can’t possibly be the minimum, like my example above where the minimum must be 00006

Obviously, and I think calculator takes that into consideration and stops at the minimum for that case.

It doesn’t. The highlander is now .00038 in my region. Max MSD can only be 4, yet it allows user to do 10 in the dropdown. Obviously Toyota drops in increments of 00008 so it should only allow 4 MSDs

Dropdown will show you max MSD allowed number but I guess it will calculate MF correctly with 4 MSDs since the 5th will push it into negative, lower than allowed minimum .00001. But I don’t use this calculator, so may be totally wrong here, just going by Victoria’s post :grin:

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These fees are taxed on LH Calculator for states taxing the total lease cost upfront.

but not if you change the way the taxation works. you dont have to do taxes upfront in ny/nj…it’s an option.

I see what you mean. Let me work on adjusting the way the calculator treats MSD. Thanks for the suggestion!

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