Positive Equity on totaled 2019 Audi Etron Lease

Good morning fellow hackrs, I totaled my leased 2019 Audi etron (not at fault) a week ago…long story short my insurance adjuster declared the vehicle a total loss…given the car market at the moment and after getting a true buyout from Audi financial turns out there’s equity. Since it’s a lease, Audi financial would keep the surplus (since they’re title holders) so I wouldn’t see a dime aside from the CCR refund. That being said I’m planning on buying out the car myself from Audi and have the insurance cut me the check as the new owner. What’s would be the best/fastest approach on paying out the vehicle myself as I don’t have the money to pay for the vehicle…is getting a loan through my bank suitable? I’m new dealing with this situation, Thanks in advanced

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