"positive equity" on lease turn in

I turned in three cars since March, and I have been pleasantly surprised.

Car 1 - all 4 wheels had damage, and all 4 tires needed replacement

Car 2 - body damage from a deer hitting me, and a scrape on the front side from a stone wall. 1 wheel had damage, and tires needed replacement. This was a factory matte car, so body damage wasn’t going to be cheap.

Car 3 - wheel damage (but had wheel insurance) and had a lot of dings and dents from my wife. Tires also original and needed replacement.

I wasn’t charged for a single thing on all three. This really surprised me, I really thought I was going to get dinged pretty hard on at least two of the three.

I am guessing because how quickly dealers can turn these cars around in this market, they are not even waiting for inspectors to show up. They are buying them, fixing them, and selling them quickly.

At least there is something positive with today’s market. And yes I did check carmax, etc, with two of the three. The price to sell wasn’t worth it.


Since I don’t know what car you have.

Sounds more like:

  • Your dealership bought the car before inspection
  • Your inspector was pretty lazy.
  • They saw the real positive equity and kept it and didn’t mention the tires.
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Sounds like equity was the lube…but if BMW, I’ve heard they steal it from you.

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Been following that thread. I’m thinking they ‘borrowed it’ from that poster and just haven’t gotten around to cutting him a check yet.

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