Porsche money factor - dealbreaker

I’m looking to get a Porsche Cayenne. I found a few loaners that are steeply discounted but the money factor makes it a deal breaker. Do all dealers have the same money factor? Should I keep looking or just search for something else?

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Money factor and Residual value is set by banks not dralerships


Got this from the Edmunds forum:

.00280 MF
2019: 59% residual. MRM $80,700
2018: 48% residual. MRM $75,600

You are right that MF is high…

base money factor is set by the bank, sometimes dealers inflate them to make more money.

With that being said, Porsche doesn’t leave well, period end of story.

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I was quoted .00350 MF.

That seems… unreasonable for a Porsche.

equals over 8% APR … that’s pretty high

What’s your FICO?

  1. They quoted me a .00350 MF based on tier 1 credit.

Porsche has made it clear that their vehicles are for lease to rich people only… Or someone cool with paying an 8% interest rate on a leased vehicle.

They’re great vehicles, but just not worth the price.

Out of the following SUVs, which do you think will have the best terms?

Mercedes GLE350 4Matic
Audi Q7

Gle350. Its an out going model before the new one arrives in February on dealer lots. Also 2018 x5

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Rich people don’t stay rich by paying 8% interest on ANYTHING.




All money factors are established by the fund provider and reflects a tiered structure. Example…

0.00119 + 0% reserves (base)
0.00149 + 1% reserves

The additional dealer revenue comes from reserves which are generally shared with the fund provider.

Audi Q7 3.0 has $3k lease incentives (plus $2k loyalty) and MF of .0015 and residual of 54% over 39 months. Add Audicare and you get 55% residual. Outgoing X5 and GLE are both pretty dated but might be cheaper if you can get a big discount.

3.0 Q7 leases the best right now, due to the incentives mentioned, and Audi allows msd.

‘18 x5 doesn’t lease well, despite being a previous generation.

Gle leases slightly better than x5.