Porsche Macan Sport Edition Deal

Porsche Macan Sport Edition.

**MSRP: $66540
**Selling Price: $60700
**Monthly Payment: $*879.82
**Cash Due at Signing: $1223.87

**Months:**39 months
**Annual Mileage:**10,000
MF: 0.0020
Residual: 58%

Region: NYC Tax: 8.825% something


“Deal”… this doesn’t even meet 1% rule

Porsche’s don’t lease well. I’d just buy the damn thing.


porsche doesn’t lease well Period.

9% discount is decent.

Personally if I was going for a Macan it would be the S to get the V6, it also starts at $6k lower than the Sport Edition. $65k for a 4 cylinder Porsche does not sound good without a huge discount. You might get a few less ‘go faster’ options on the S but you’ll get a faster, better car for similar money.

Check out cargurus and have a look at the inventory at Warrington PA, they have a few Macan S which have been there a long time. 10% discounts should be pretty easy to get on older stock.

Yeah I agree to some extent. But I felt like the sport edition gives you the aggressive look as the quad exhaust tips are painted black and has the sport exhaust option as standard. (It sounds pretty okay with the valve open!) Also I live in the NYC which doesn’t require too much HP in the first place. Getting 9% discount for recently arrived sport edition was pretty harsh. This one has also more aggressive look because of the logo painted in black.

It also has full loads of options, sports chrono package as standard, NAV, apple carplay, WIFI connect, lane change assist, suspension control, heated steering wheel etc.
Since I also went in for the premium pack plus, it gives you the sunroof , memory seats, BOSE surround system. So I’d prefer this over S since I care about the sporty looks and not caring about horsepower & driving experience since I know that I’d be stuck in bumper 2 bumper traffics in the city. It’s also kinda hard to find this ‘one of a kind’ car in Porsche unless you are building from scratch.

I picked it up few days ago so check this out macan


Sorry, I thought it was a quote and not a done deal.

Anything in the 10% discount range is good on a Porsche, and the Sport Edition has all the nice visual options on it. Good luck keeping it clean :wink: I’ve given up with my black car.

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Great deal Macans are soft he in so cal but they just dropped residual on Chyanne hard so it’s pushing all people away from leasing … going back to the rare car days. Nice car :red_car:

It’s a Porsche- the fact that you got 10% off is good enough for me. Good job.


What does a soft he mean

The word “Deal” is all relative. If you can hit 1% with Porsche’s, the road would probably see a huge increase.

These are more exclusive cars and aren’t high volume for all their cars across the board. Also people pay MSRP and over MSRP for more limited models.

Agree 100%. Alex you’re always dropping knowledge here <3

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“Soft” means more supply than demand > good discounts.

Doesn’t NY want the tax on the whole car paid up front? I would think that would jack the payments.

Then why get a P car? I mean, it looks great and I hope you enjoy it, but doesnt make any sense…

There’s 12% in every Porsche. Even getting 10% off is a steal.

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This is 65% Audi, with 35% Porsche parts/styling. Would opt for a real Porsche or other.

You could roll the taxes in buts it’s tax on the total lease payments. ( 24 payments of $100= $2400, you pay sales tax on the $2400). You could either pay it up front or roll it in.

Double the payment … new Cayannes Lease worse than in 9yrs… drop the residuals on those and 911s and jumped the MF… the Macan stayed the same as its mass produced … but still a fun as Hell car