Porsche Macan Lease Offer

OK before I get beaten up for multiple advice please understand I have a deposit on a Tesla 3. My number should be called in July? We shall see. For now I’m looking at many options in either. a green car, fun car, etc.
Yes I’m looking for a smart lease deal. Something that makes sense for me. So with that said here are the numbers on a So Cal dealer who says nobody beats us.

1 95BAA1 Macan 47,800.00

2 A1 Black 0.00

3 VC Standard Interior in Black 0.00

4 3FU Panoramic Roof System 1,670.00

5 4A3 Seat Heating (Front) 530.00

6 7Y7 Lane Change Assist (LCA) 700.00

7 9JB Smoking Package 0.00

8 C5F 18" Macan S Wheel 200.00

9 IU2 Porsche Connect 1,020.00

Total Retail Vehicle Price 51,920.00

Delivery, Processing and Handling Fee 1,050.00

Total of Charges & Taxes 1,050.00

Total Retail Price 52,970.00

Dealer offer.

Sale Price 48,510

6809.00 due at signing.
.0023 money
56% residual
39 mos
15k per year
Payments 599 per month tax inc

Thank you all for your help.
I’d love to hear how to do better.
Dealership right down the street and dad bought a car there 40 years ago. So what’s a good deal?

I don’t see a monthly payment, but I do see $6800 due at signing… it probably wont be a good deal knowing porsche dealers.

Jag F-Type could be a fun car! Something to look into

599 tax inc on the Macan

I would hate to be a salesperson/broker working with you. So you are cross shopping a Macan, Cayenne Hybrid, BMW i3, Chevy Bolt, Toyota Mirai and BMW 330i wagon? If you are getting a Tesla 3 soon, why would you sign a 24-39 month lease now?


Not a good deal. The MF is almost 6% (typical of Porsche) and you are paying quite a bit cap cost reduction with that $6k+ down:(. But as others have said on the forum, Porsche’s don’t lease well and the Macan is their money-maker.

Anytime you see a lease term of 39 months you know it’s gonna be bad. The equivalent monthly is $770 or so, on a 53k car that’s not really a good deal. If you really want a Porsche it’s not too bad though.

At $599/mo with $6,809 DAS, you’re paying $30,170 over 39 months to lease a $53k vehicle. That’s about, what… $9,300 per year? You’re eating all of the depreciation, and then some.

At that payment, you’ll have paid the full MSRP of the car in like 5 1/2 years. So you may as well just finance it for 60-72 months and sell it for $20k in 2022.

A good deal would be $599 without dropping $6k at signing. Whether or not that’s doable is another story. But if you bite on this deal, the salesman owes you and your family a trip to the Maldives


Brilliant. Best written review. Thank you so much. I want the free trip but not at that price.

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I understand your thoughts. That is why I’m up front and open to other cars as my Tesla 3 delivery already pushed back twice so I’m open to a great deal on a nice car.

Someone mentioned Camero, Julia, etc the other day. I think we have a new winner.

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Macon…that’s hilarious


15 or 5 per year?..

The down $7000 wayy to high