Porsche Macan - Interesting convo with the dealership


Hello friends,

I am about to go test drive a Macan in a bit, so I called a dealership around my home and was setting up the appointment.

Just wanted to share one interesting comment that the sales person (SP) made, right up front.

Me: I want to come in for a test drive of a Macan, and am looking to lease.
SP: Great, have you owned a Porsche before?
Me: No, I haven’t
SP: Okay, that’s cool. Are you familiar with Porsche leasing program?
Me: Depends, what about the program?
SP: Well, we’re not a leasing brand like BMW, so you’re not going to be able to get a crazy deal like BMWs. That’s how the cars don’t lose their values as much. For a Macan, you’re looking at about 900 a month. I just wanted to be up front.
Me: Okay, that’s fine (I just won’t lease with you). I know that the Porsche leasing numbers are pretty bad. I’ll still come in for a test drive.

This is how the conversation went. 900 for a Macan sounds very crazy lol. If I like the car, hopefully I’ll be able to find a better number somewhere else.

Good luck all!

It’s certainly true that Porsche’s don’t lease well comparatively speaking, however $900+ for a base Macan seems ridiculous even by Porsche standards. What’s the MSRP, ~$60k?

Get the numbers then come back and we can help.

I know it’s ridiculous lol I thought it was funny that he’s already playing games even before me coming in. Not the best way to try and sell a car IMO.

Sounds like the salesperson simply wanted to eliminate potential tire kickers, especially given the heightened covid environment. I don’t blame them and actually appreciate the candor.


+1, porsche salespeople in my experience are very polite and he’s doing you a favor here.


Macan’s have been around the $700-900 range, depending on trim/options of course. Cayenne’s have been north of $900/mth. Yeah it’s crazy… buying/financing has better numbers but everyone has different requirements.

Enjoy the drive!

Playing around with the calculator the only way I can get north of $900-ish on a $60k Macan (36/10) is with 0% discount and true $0 DAS with everything rolled in. That comes to $927 pre-tax.

Even an “ok” deal at 5% discount with $2,700 drive off (just 1st mo + fees) drops it to ~$750 pre-tax.

Of course depending on where you are in IL an “ok” deal $750 payment becomes $900 with taxes :grinning:

LH Calculator

He’s trying to set your expectations so he can do you a favor and drop you down to $849/mo + $4999 DAS.


Does anybody know the depreciation curve on Macan’s after 3/4 years? I see CPO 2015 and 2016’s around $30k. My understanding is you get a 2 year warranty, so it seems like financing a CPO and selling once the warranty is up would be almost like the fartiest of fart car leases, if my assumption on depreciation from years 4-6 is correct.

DJ: I lease Porsches all the time, and the sales people are usually very arrogant eve though they know I am not a tire kicker. I don’t even do business with the 2 dealers closest to me, I try to do it all online and over the phone.
Andy: Most Porsche leases are 59% residual after 36 months. Hope this helps.


I could see buying a CPO and using for 2 years would make sense. Even if it lost 1/3 of its value over those two years, it would be a relatively cheap.

It’s just that most people buying a Porsche would prefer to buy new, which is totally within their right.

Yeah, I totally understand that. And then I realized that sales tax would further complicate my calculations.

I am about 90% certain to stick with BMW in February, but I am tempted by some $30k 2015 Macan S CPO’s that I’ve seen online. There is even a $40k-ish Macan Turbo out there…

I’m not sure the SM would appreciate that type of approach, although maybe they don’t have enough inventory that finding customers is an issue.

I had same convo with a salesman earlier in the year at Porsche of Manhattan. I looked at loaner Macans $61ish msrp and with 2k at signing i was looking at $599. Back in February.

Have the Porsche guys studied their BMW competition lately? An X3 M40i leases for mid-$700s to low $800s.

Porsche and BMW are completely different, what Porsche lacks in volume, they make up for with gross. They don’t need to do smoking lease deals like BMW

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@fredyge94 is the man to talk to CPO porsche lease wise, he’s based out of Manhattan, so you’d have to ship, but his 2 cents is always worth a dime.

A CPO lease may not be out of the ?

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You should be able to get a Macan lease in the $7-900/mo range depending on mileage, options, etc.

The guy was just trying to set your expectations so that if you are a payment shopper, he doesn’t have to waste his time. If you are looking for a cheap payment rather than the car, you are 9/10 going to go with a BMW. Too many people walk into the showroom looking for low monthly payment and end up not purchasing as it’s out of their price range. They look at a $60k BMW and $60k Macan and expect the Macan’s payment to be the same.

You can lease a service loaner car in the $600-700/month at the moment.


With respect, I have a problem with this. It is the salesman’s job to, wait for it… SELL THE CAR. It seems salespeople these days are so complacent that they expect the product to sell itself. The job is to try to sell the product even to someone who might be turned off by a higher payment. And if they don’t wind up purchasing, it shouldn’t be deemed a waste of time but something that naturally occurs during the course of trying to do your job.

To say that someone who wants to go for a cheap payment rather than the car would go for a BMW is a major cop out. BMW might be better in terms of leasing and maybe they like to cast a wider net by offering a great value, but to disparage their product is ridiculous. Nothing more than rationalizing laziness on the part of those tasked with generating sales.


So you would rather go into every dealership so a salesperson could “SELL THE CAR” instead of them giving quotes beforehand?