Porsche (Demo specials!) (NY/NJ/CT&PA) (April)

Two cars left!!

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Hi, just reached out to you regarding this

Just signed up as a new member for this website as I will be looking to lease a Cayenne base demo/loaner at the end of December. Look forward to receiving a list of more demo/loaners in December.

Hey brother, any Porsche Macan loaners available for lease like the one you posted above?

Maybe it’s already gone.

Interested in panamera or Taycan

Hey, I do have another one available. Send me a message with your full name and phone number. Grey with Black interior

I have a few. Send me a message with your full name & phone number.

Just messaged you

I would recommend removing your contact info on a public forum. DM the dealer.

2023 Macan


Is this the same macan you posted a few days ago that was below $700 a month for the 12 months/15,000 miles?

Identical spec car. Not the same one.

are the Macan’s demos? any longer term lease (not 12 mo) ?

WOW! That is a significant price increase. SMH :man_facepalming:

That was a different car and it sold. That car had an accident on Carfax and more mileage so it was on sale for a lower price. So significantly better lease. Sames color and specs, just different VIN and mileage


Yes, longer terms are available but are about $100/mo more. Send me a message if you are interested

Shocker, his dealer can have different discounts on different specific units, especially loaner cars.


It says he’s a dealer

Yes, and I can have different sale prices on cars based on equipment, condition, mileage, color combination, etc.

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