Porsche (Demo specials!) (NY/NJ/CT&PA) (April)

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Looking for a Cayanne/ Cayanne Sport 2023 and newer. Under 10k miles is ok. Preferably loaners and demos. PM if you have any.

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Hi, Any Taycan demos? Thank you!

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Hey any of these 3 you posted have the quad exhaust pipes? I was zooming in on the gray one looks like it does but can you confirm if any of them have the quad pipes. The base macans don’t have it right?

The one on the picture has it. It’s an optional item on base Macans. I have a couple with it.

What trim is this? The MSRP seems like it’s the S?

Base Macan

Macan S MSRPs are now $80K plus for nice cars.

Any short term (around 12 month) leases available on demo or preowned taycan or panameras?

Macan S


Sorry, none available at this time.

2023 Macan



Interested in Cayenne, please PM me if not sold yet.

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Sorry for the late responses on the PMs. Have been slammed with inquiries. Only a few cars left at this price point!

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