Porsche 911 lease reconciliation

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I would appreciate any help reconciling numbers with a Porsche dealer.
I got a quote on a 2020 911S Coupe for 5000 miles per year, 39 month lease deal for 07078.
Msrp: $130,440
Selling Price: $118,000
At sign up: $3900
Month lease: $1750

When I used a couple of online calculator including lease hacker calculator it is showing $1500 something. Is the dealer messing around with me?


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You need a breakdown of the deal from the dealer. Otherwise, we have no idea how the dealer is working the numbers.

Buy it for $118k! You’re paying 75k to lease it for 39 months. In 3 years I assure you it will be worth more then 60k


This. We just had a massive 911 thread. Only a fool would lease this car IMHO. Just p*ssing away money on rent charge to PFS.

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Buy a gently used one for 75k?

I already lease 2018 911 for $1313 which isn’t bad. Porsche is willing to buy it out from lease as long as I lease another one. Had I bought it no way I’m getting out of lease buyout without taking a hit. Also, had one accident already

…which means it has equity. Or you’re referring to a PFS pull ahead.

Have you done the math on rent charge versus finance charge?

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The Porsche pull ahead programs don’t care whether you lease or finance the next car. Just because you’re in a lease on your 2018 now doesn’t mean you have to lease the 2020 to take advantage of the pull ahead, you can finance it as well.

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What’s the RV?

I listed the car for same price as my lease buyout and 4 inquires but zero offers. Also, I had hard time selling another car last year (a generic 2018 CX-9) and dealing with some weird buyers convinced me never to deal with private buyer again.

Regardless, do the lease numbers reconcile?

You’re totally ignoring the money you’ve paid out in rent charge. Can’t just look at things like monthly payment and residual value in a vacuum.

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How long has it been since you listed the car?

How much do you want for your 2018? Feel free to message me also

Did they specifically say $118000 as the selling price? The payment should be in the $1500 range as you say if that is the case. But I dont see Paul miller giving away this car at cost. 911s are moving plenty in the 5% off MSRP and there are not enough cars out there for them to do a 9.5% off deal


Through the end of March, RV was 60% for 5k miles and MF was .00200. I doubt numbers have changed, but am unable to confirm.

MRM is up to $141,700 as such, no issues there.

9.5% of is ok. Two months ago, you could have secured between 11 and 12% off a lot car.

Based on your stated figures, and without including the Dealer or governmental fees, I get a payment of $1,545 (9.5% tax in), plus $2,745 due at signing (1st month), acquisition ($1,095) and taxes ($104).

Total payments - $61,823.

Try to obtain an additional 1% off the MSRP. I do not believe you will be able to do much better in this climate.

Consider ordering an “S” with a manual transmission which, as you may know, is far more valuable and only available on an “S”. Alternatively, lease a Base unit with a 2% higher residual for a slightly lower payment.

If this is an MSO car, and it has 1,001 or more miles, the RV must be reduced by $.30 for each mile.

This is a demo car. Makes sense why they did the 9.5% deal. The reason your payment is in the $1700 range is because of the radar system that’s in the car. They are charging that on to the deal and it is not residualized

What universe do you live in? Please let me know where you were getting 11-12% on 992s.


Thanks, that makes sense.

They emailed me specifically saying $118,000 selling price but never told me that they included the radar cost and 3m bra in adjusted capitalized cost hence the discrepancy.

Demo car + radar = probably abused like crazy and warrants higher discount in my view

Actually he is correct as few people on Porsche form were able to get 10% off custom orders 2 months when crashing stock markets, high Covid cases, etc freaked out people

You are not getting additional discounts. no one is doing 9.5% on 992s at this time