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I have been around here a little bit and it looks like Porsche’s dont lease that well. True/False?

Mainly looking for a Macan for the lil lady :slight_smile:

Not sure where your looking but Porsche’s don’t lease well

SoCal, mainly the Macan.

It would be for a low optioned one I’d imagine

Highly doubtful you’ll be able to get under the 1% rule. Look at RX or NX instead

She’s got an IS now and wants something a bit larger than a car (non-Lexus), but doesnt hurt to look :slight_smile:

If the “down” wasnt so rediculous ($6k or $7k), it wasnt that bad of a deal.

At the end of the day, Porsches lease they way they do because there is no reason for a manufacturer to subsidize a product that doesn’t have any problem selling. The Macan is Porsche’s hottest selling car right now.

But dont you think the Macan sells so good due to its price point? From a base base perspective, its cheap, but you can easily get over $80k :slight_smile:

Convince the “lil lady” that a maserati is even more exotic and the levante leases extremely well. See anaheim hills maserati.

This trick should work for your daughter, however if your lil lady is your wife/girlfriend/side chick then you gotta suck it up and pay for it haha.

i got 18% off a loaner macan CPO for a friend, still didnt lease well so he financed it.

i’m sure sucking it up and paying for it is whats going to happen, but we’ll see in a few months :slight_smile:

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