PNW Leasehackr meetup planning UPDATE: Lunch confirmed for 12PM June 9th at Resonate Brewery!

Hey everyone! With the influx of new users in the PNW, some of us were thinking it’d be really cool to get together for lunch and have a meetup near Seattle. Here’s some details we need to iron out:

  • What times/dates work for people? Would an upcoming weekend (June 1, 8, 15, etc) be good? Lunch and dinner are both good by me.
  • Where should we meet? Ideally, we can drive our sweet leases there :laughing: so Bellevue might be an option?
  • We need to get a head count of who would like to attend and make sure we go somewhere which can accomodate everyone’s dietary preferences :slight_smile:

If you’re interested, reply to the thread! I think @28firefighter and @jamiemose plan on coming already. Here’s a couple polls to see what works for people…

What day works best?

  • June 1
  • June 2
  • June 8
  • June 9
  • Other (Details in comments)

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What time would you prefer?

  • Lunch
  • Dinner

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Bellevue sounds great to me, weekends are also perfect! Maybe we can do a poll to see what date works best for the majority?

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Good stuff ! Wish I wasn’t 4k miles away from you guys. Would love to join


What is the intention of the meeting? Is it just supposed to be something casual? In any case, Bellevue works for me as well.

Social. Meet others in the community. Show off our rides. That’s really it.


Rob you of your hacked ride :rofl: jk


It’s just a casual get-together! I like talking about pretty much anything, so we don’t have to just brag about our leases :stuck_out_tongue:

Added a poll with a couple options!

If anyone has recommendations on a good restaurant, please share!

Ultimate hack.

$0 per month
$0 DAS
$0 annual insurance premium

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With 0 miles per year :rofl:

What? It’s unlimited miles

Until you dump it somewhere and rob someone else

There is a pretty cool pizza/brewery in Newport Hills called Resonate. Ample parking and great beer choices they make in-house.

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Looks like lunch on June 9th is what most people prefer… Anyone else want to add some input? @Pavlon thanks for the suggestion, that sounds really good

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I think the place @Pavlon recommended on June 9th works great. Noon?

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Fight club, not to be spoken of.

12PM, June 9th at Resonate Brewery it is! I’ll add an update to the top level post.


Great, I’ll start looking at flights :wink:


You should join us for real :stuck_out_tongue:

Shucks, blindly voted for dates without looking at my calendar! I’ll be able to swing by for about 30 minutes right at 12.

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No worries!