PM error to all brokers by newbies

Wanted to bring the attention of mods and site owners that there is some kind of issue/ glitch where a lot of members are unintentionally sending a group message to all brokers/dealers instead of an individual. I’m not sure how but maybe some one can check in to it. We have received at lease 7 or 8 group messages from member who somehow message all of us thinking its a PM.


They just applying the lessons taught here, mass mail all dealers in 100 mile radius. :slight_smile:


100% agree the function should be removed.

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Yup, I was trying to PM Quentin a while back, and ended up doing a mass message to all of the brokers somehow. Don’t know how.

Used “at registered_business”, I guess? Same with trusted_hackrs group.

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I personally prefer all of the attention … it makes me feel important :upside_down_face:

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I dont think this should be an option. Some of us are brokers and work for specific Brands. So me working for Toyota I keep getting all the Volt and Audi emails and then all the emails following “Not again” :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a lot of spam. :frowning:

Please fix.

I’m going to get a part time job at 4-5 new manufacturers with all these new leads.

Sorry about that. Fixed!


Thank you Michael. Appreciate the fix.

Thanks Michael! :grin: