Please suggest: Looking for SUV leasing in $250/month range

Please suggest: Looking SUV AWD/FWD in $150/month all inclusive.

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This is not how this forum works.


Yep right here.


I wonder what people expect to see by clicking on Or on some made-up links, like “hardcore” or “ultimate” lease hacker from another thread.

If I had to guess it would be an AWD SUV for 150 a month all in. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

4 clicks and counting.

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I was with him till he said AWD / FWD. I got confused.

I have a RWD GLS 550 I’m looking to offload for for $149.99 but I guess it won’t do.

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Good Luck.

First of all, go the marketplace if you want to see deals that are available.

Second of all, you have a better chance having a threesome with Trump and the Pope than getting an AWD SUV for $150 all in with nothing due at signing.

You need to reevalute your standards. $150 with less than $1k due at signing can get you into an Elantra or Cruze.


If only it was a GLS63 AMG, PrettyBoy would take it.

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I think @28firefighter has that phrase trademarked. You may be in some trouble.

lol…up to 7…

Lol. All regulars have license to use it.

I’ll let someone else define “regulars.”

Eff, missed the deadline by a week.


It seems OP upped his budget to $250… Back to work folks!


Man I hear you. I’m surprised he asked for $150. I’ve been in the business or almost 10 years and the most common payment request is $250, which nowadays is plausible given some aggressive competition in the auto world. But even still, $250 is a lease number for most people WITH good credit. I get people requesting that with a past repo… and oh btw, with a generous $500 to put down. SMH

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SUV with good trim for $250 a month and $500 down?!?!?

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While factors that determine the lowest lease price a dealer will offer vary drastically month to month, I got a Jeep Compass Limited for $270/month (36/10) with 0 due at signing (that includes PA 9% Lease Tax).

For me, I found the best resource to see what cars were leasing for to be the Honcker app, because you can search by vehicle type, features, etc, and get a list of results of actual lease prices you’ll pay (unlike dealer billboards which entice with a low number but have quite a few asterisks next to it!). While you can extensively research Edmunds for MF’s, RV’s, etc for each and every model and trim level, annual mileage, and lease term you’d consider, for me Honcker was a great time saver to help narrow the search down, as I wasn’t dead set on wanting a specific vehicle and was flexible in brands/trim levels.

I’m not saying you’ll always get the best deal in Honcker, but its a good starting point, and you just may find a price better than any local dealer will offer (I did!).

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