Please Review My A4 Lease Offer!

Man, Audi leases suck. Candidly, they’re so bad it doesn’t make sense to consider leasing one. If you really want an A4, buy a CPO model.

Alternatives: Stinger, Giulia, Jag XE/XF, c300, maybe even a Macan.

Maybe a C43


Not sure about Stinger but Giulia and XE should both be easily doable <450

Q50 Redsport would be a good one to add to the list too. 400hp for <$400 is hard to complain about.

Thanks all for your suggestions - there just aren’t many sporty cars to choose from in this price range that I actually find cute. But I agree with the consensus on this being a terrible deal. I’d rather lease an Evoque (despite how ugly it is from the back) if I’m paying within that range.

If you’re in or close to Cali you might want to speak to the OP of this thread: SoCal AUDI Fleet Price

I’d have a hard time justifying that money on a car that has the same basic engine, but poorer performance, as the Golf GTI which is half the price. The Alfa Giulia has more hp and is better to drive than the A4, and is significantly cheaper and has similar euro styling.

I don’t know the numbers but is the RS3 not an option for around that money but more performance? If exterior styling is a big factor have you considered the Ghibli?

Your max is $600 per month? I don’t see any reason why you can’t get the S4 you really want for under $600 per month. You may have to compromise on some of your options, but that payment is very doable for an in-stock S4 without navigation/telematics. I guess it depends on where you live. Here in the Chicago area we have a lot of S4 inventory and plenty of dealers to compete. You could score 13% off MSRP with no trouble.


I got my s4 for just a little over $600. Sign and drive with 10k per year and 36 months . Go for one in the $56k to 57k range and negotiate from there.


I saw that thread, but unfortunately I live about as far as you can get. DC area.

When I asked the same dealer about the S4, they came back with “about $230 more”. They really don’t want my business :woman_shrugging:t2:

Find some DC area dealers with plenty of S4 in stock. Use the Leasehackr calculator to find a payment you’re comfortable with, and start negotiating. Worst they can say is no. Dealers want to move the 2018 models to make way for 2019. Or you can wait for the 2019 models and special order one without many options. If you can do without navigation, you can option one out for under $55k. Stick to what you really want, otherwise you won’t be very happy for 36 months…

Thanks. I find navigation a useless option because I use my phone even in cars with navigation so I’m happy to forgo that.

The best deals for the 2019s will be during Season of Audi in November/December. High residual, decent incentives and likely complementary first payment. When the 2019 comes out, shop the dealers for the best offer, build one with only what you need, put down $500 and wait three months. That way you’ll get exactly what you want, when you want. That’s what I’m doing.
Just don’t look at the custom color order book or you’ll blow your budget for sure ($3,900 upcharge will get you a one-of-a-kind Audi)

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Don’t do 42 months, you are only saving $2 a month.

$1,500 out of pocket
36/7,500 miles a year
$473 base payment
MSRP $50,760
Net cap cost $43,462

I know you’re not in Socal but this is a doable deal if you shop hard enough. Good luck!


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The Golf is half the price because you then have to drive a Golf.

The Giulia is a tenth of a second faster 0-60, reflecting it’s smidgen higher hp. I wouldn’t say it’s better to drive than the A4 (nor would most reviews), and price-wise the msrp’s are only a few thousand off for similar packages (which the A4 beats out the Alfa in every one).

Until you lease it, and the lease is half the price for a comparable MSRP

I’d suggest anyone who looks down on Golf GTI’s from their A4 needs to read up more (specifically on the 2.0 TFSI engine in both cars, and the Haldex AWD system on the low end Audi’s and Golf R). I certainly wouldn’t pay $50k (or a high lease cost) for a FWD-biased 4 cylinder, especially if a sporty car is desired given how many options are out there. Best interiors at that price point, but not a lot else.

How a car drives is subjective so people will have differing opinions. A RWD Giulia with its smidgen more hp will be 1/3 cheaper to lease, even cheaper on a 24 month lease.

Just to be clear I’ve no issue with the A4 or Audi, they’re just overpriced for certain models particularly in the US. I’ve owned cars from 4 VW Group brands in the UK and US (Seat Leon, VW Golf R, Audi TT, Audi Q5, and a Porsche Cayman) so I’d say I have a good frame of reference.

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Thank you! This is very helpful.