Please retire thx

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:rofl::joy: Can’t win them all BCC

Haha no no I got the deal :slight_smile:

But my client/friend received that response from the BDC manager of a local dealer. I love it

“Alexa play, All I do is win by DJ Khaled for BCC”



Hahaha very nice of you!

That was good

Oh my!

Impossible to let this one go.

Do you have an estimate for delivery to SoFL?

Also, Do I need to sign in person?

Thanks in advance.

6 more taco pros available!

All 3 colors (2019)

$395 + Tax
Das: first, reg, 9 MSDs

$455+ tax
Das first and reg

Above assumes 12% off $46xxx truck

$47 and $48k trucks will be more

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Cement Manual taco is pending!


Just received 3 Black TRD Off Road Tacomas Manual Tranny w Premium and Tech! No tonneaus, but have steps!

These are New England Only

Through TFS
$222 + Tax
First, 9 MSDs, and Reg @ Signing

Lets roll em!


Whoa, I thought August was the last month for great Tacoma deals. Are those Off Roads manual or auto?

Woops! Meant to add Manual.

Best deals on manuals I have seen

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I can’t touch that price. Good deal! must be extra NE incentives? Ally is at $270+tt

Get them now folks. I see a residual drop coming next month as the 2020s start rolling out

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Ahhhh…that wouldn’t have worked then. One of the mandates in getting a Tacoma was no manuals allowed. For those who are allowed (lol) that’s a fantastic deal on a loaded truck.

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Very nice of you to say, Jim!

I like it when we can all win/work together man!

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Its a fantastic vehicle to teach someone how to drive stick on. Its warrantied, it’s a toyota, and the clutch/shifts feel like vehicles of the past, which makes it awesome.

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These are Short Beds, correct?

And it’s not your transmission :joy:


lol yes sir

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where is the excell sheet, i can not find it

Have you looked at the first post? :man_facepalming:

Thanks. Do you have Line 6 available, I am near chicago area, Lake county. what would be with tax