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Those are both two incredible colors on a Volvo👍

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I think I was just at this dealership today checking out those beautiful S60’s 5 minutes from my house!

Thanks to you crazy cats, we sold 4, yes 4 XC90 T6 R Designs on Friday! Three Bursting Blue ( is that a record ) and one white

XC90 T5 R Designs are all gone ( for me )

Now I have a black and red T6 R Design
Both are around $70-71K MSRP
Both have advanced

If seriously interested please reach out!

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Someone needs to take that white S60 inscription. That’s a killer deal. That’s the one with amber, right?

Wish I had one!

The black and amber S60 inscription sold

Luxury seating

2500 DAS
337 plus tax
Included 500 for loyalty

Have to see the bursting blue up close not sure web pics do it justice

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Adding 2 XC40 “city livin” specials to test the waters

Grabbed the two least expensive AWD I could find

MSRP $37xxx
T5 Momentum
$377 + Tax
Only First DAS
Reg extra if outside of New England

White on Charcoal
Heated Seats and Wheel


MSRP $39xxx
T5 Momentum
$377+ Tax
First, Dealer DAS
Reg extra if outside of New England

Black on Amber
White Roof
Pano Roof
19” Wheels
Heated Seats and Wheel
image image


Yum…,:heart_eyes: the XC40.

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Do they make these in T6 that could be fun haha.

T4 and T5 only in the states

Wow, they’re finally doing specials on XC40s!

I have not sold one before so if you guys think these deals are lackluster I will not be offended

They’re not bad at all! But at those prices, I hope people are seriously considering a lower-end XC60. Far better car.

@Bostoncarconcierge I’m interested in an S60 R-Design. I’m in Minneapolis, how does the out-of-state deal work? Do you have a shipper you work with? How do you prefer to work through deals? Email or phone?

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There’s something that’s been floating around on one of my contacts today. I almost swore that this said “stripper” and not “shipper.” If that’s the way @Bostoncarconcierge is cutting out-of-state deals this month, it might explain something we privately discussed about a potential buyer here in NY, hahaha.


I can recommend a shipper

Out of state deals are no problem

Feel fee to call me at 3393640356

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My stripping days are over. I legit have not been in the gym in 14 months since the baby was born. Prior to that I ran Boston.


Thats sounds like an excuse all you need is 15 mins a day haha

oh hell yeh. The child is not an excuse. It is pure laziness.


For some reason, my mind went to “dictator” rather than “marathon” for “I ran Boston.” I guess that’s my lawyer brain trying to take over the world!

I used to work in the Hancock tower my first year there. I didn’t know how crowded it would be or that the T wouldn’t go there. We still had to work that day, and I certainly learned my lesson!