Please rate this deal: 2019 Bolt EV - LT With DCFC and Driver Confidence II Package

Hi all,
I followed the advice in this forum and emailed a close by dealership to get the following deal on a 2019 Bolt EV. I’m given the following:

DC Fast Charging, Comfort & Convenience Package, Driver Confidence II Package, Driver Confidence Package, Rear Cargo Double Floor Storage, Electric, automatic, Summit White,

MSRP: $39890
Selling Price: $30390

Drive off: $2,000.00 (including $367)
Term: 12 months / 30000 miles
Residual: 51 %
Acq. Fee: $650
APR: 4.68%
Monthly Payment: $367 (tax included)

Car is qualified for the following incentives and rebates

  1. Purple HOV Stickers
  2. 2500$ State rebates
  3. 800$ PGE rebates

If I used the online calculator correctly, with a $1000 downpayment I get a score of 8.2:

Should I accept this offer or I’m better off looking elsewhere?


Edit: My calculation is off. Updated based on new info from the dealer.

You can do better I believe. A few months ago I got a quote for 315 including tax with zero drive offs.
That was for base with dcfc.

Message Chevy Phil, he seems to have good pricing.

Thanks. I’ll reach out. I’m also browsing for lease takeover options.