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Looking for:

BMW 430 or 440 GC in SNAPPER ROCKS BLUE with M package NO venetian beige seats
Wouldn’t mind a demo as well
36m/ 10k miles per year
NY but can sign outside based on availability (NJ, PA etc)
PM me please
Not a current BMW owner.


Looking for a broker in SoCal that can get me a 340i or 440i for less than $400/mo with $0 down and no MSDs. 36/10 or 24/10


Any good deals out there

It’s so hard this day to lease an cares it’s so expensive when going to dealership…
Need your help looking to lease 2019

36/15 or 39/15
JGC limited.
Honda Odyssey EX-L no nav.
Vw atlas SLE with assist
All black on black
Thank you


Hi All,

Thank you in advance for any help. One of my leases is up towards the end of April, so looking to lease another car.

  1. Interested 2018/2019 CX5, Rav4 (Hybrid preferred), CRV, Forrester or any SUV of similar size within $200-350/ month range.
  2. 36/12 or 36/15
  3. Located in SoCal

Currently have a BMW and Lexus lease, but Lexus lease is the one that is expiring soon.

  1. 2019/VW/AllTrack S or SE 6 speed manual
  2. 36/10
  3. Socal
  4. PM or Reply
  5. First responder discount, VW friends and family

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Is it possible to get a 2019 MB GLE for around $600/month with minimal down including MSDs. I’m in NJ and looking for 36/39 with 7.5/10k whichever is favorable. Have Penfed $1500 fleet discount. No loyalty.


Looking for Access Cab, MT, TRD Tacoma. Thanks!


Looking for 2018 Rav4 xle
Make Toyota
Year 2018 XLE
Mileage 36 m/10k
Code 11801
Color combo- basic color…nothing specific
Trigger- this month

I know new models are out, but driver likes the low profile.


Hey Hackrs!

Im looking to lease a SUV (CR-V, Jeep Cherokee, VW Tiguan or similar) in VA. I have a credit score between 650-700.
I am currently leasing a VW GTi and a Chrysler T&C. The T&C is set to end in a month or so! Therefore, Im looking to replace it and stay near a monthly payment of 300-320 with all the taxes and fees rolled in.

Does anyone have how I should go about finding an amazing deal? I definitely need power drive seats and blind-spot in the vehicle.

Any suggestions will help! Maybe if anyone closed a deal on a SUV recently can suggest a dealer! Also, if there are any brokers working in VA, please let me know.



in market for Cadillac XT5 perfer luxury but not a deal breaker
So cal
pm inital
780+ credit score
current gm owner


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  1. 2018 BMW 330e, budget ideally under $250, Happy to do MSD’s, happy with a fart car
  2. 24 months / 10K miles
  3. SoCal, zip 90012
  4. Contact - PM here
  5. Have an OL Code, credit history is new(ish) but score 750


Looking for a new lease

27-36 months
Zero down
7500-10K miles per year

  1. Audi R8
  2. Mercedes AMG GT or GTs
  3. Jaguar SVR

Please let me know what you can do. I’m currently getting out of my i8 lease and would love to get into another nice ride. I’m in Nj 08830
please email me:



Good afternoon, I am looking for a lease deal on any bmw. I currently have a 2015 bmw that I am about 5k under on. I want to bury it in a lease if possible for under $500. If anyone can help me out with a broker or know of any good current lease deals I’d be so grateful


1.Looking for 2018/2019 Nissan Rogue SV / SV with premium package
or 2019 Altima SV/SL
2. Mileage 36m/15k

Currently have a 2017 Nissan sentra lease, 2 payments left

Thank you

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Gonna toss this last hope out there, seems i JUST missed the wave of X2 deals had to wait for another hold, but hopefully theres a few left!


  • *Orange BMW X2 s/xdrive28i
  • w/ M-Sport package, and Parking assist minimum
  • No Loyalty, but have Conquest
  • 24mo/10k or 36mo/10k whatever is cheaper
  • Can do MSDs
  • low $300’s/mo.
  • Anywhere in CA, my zip 92707


  • Premium Package or Business Nav
  • 20in Wheels!
  • Maybe a Gold aswell, or an Orange X1 w/Similar packages

  1. BMW 330e, budget ideally under $300, Happy to do MSD’s, happy with a loaner car
  2. 24 months / 12 or 10 k
  3. NJ zip 07008
  4. Contact - PM here
  5. credit history is 800


2018/2019 BMW 530i
Sapphire Black, Black Dakota Leather, Conv Package
So Cal
Please PM me
Lease Credit, Loyalty Credit

Looking for $0 down, MSD’s, with lowest monthly payment avail. Need to renew lease asap


Hi, I’m looking for a
Subaru Forester 2019
Sport or Limited
In or near Seattle WA (happy to travel bit for right deal)
Looking to spend around $350 inc tax, 0 down.
Would take a loaner if there are any out there.

PM me if you hear of any deals. Thanks