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  1. 2019 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD white with parchment interior
  2. 36/12
  3. Las Vegas and Los Angeles secondary
  4. Contact this forum
  5. Final sale price $28.5k, residual 68%, MF .00139 or lower ofcourse, $750 DAS, $325 mo. Tier 1 credit.



I am looking to lease a 2019 Infiniti QX50 - Essential with heated seats.
10k miles and around 1-1.5k down.

My budget it between $350-$401

I am also a current infiniti lessee.

Any deals? Thanks!!!


Hi I am in Nor Cal area, looking for

  1. 2019 Volvo XC60 T8 Inscription or R
  2. 36/10
  3. Bay area/CA
  4. PM
  5. Top tier credit score
    My budget is between 500~600



There are no V60s, you have to order one. And I highly doubt you can get one with your budget.


Thanks, I updated my budget and more on the model.

  1. Volvo XC90 T6 Inscription
  2. 36/15
  3. Northern WV
  4. PM
  5. Tier 1 credit

I’m in northern WV, willing to travel to surrounding states. I’m looking for an XC90 T6 Inscription with Advanced Package, Luxury Package, Air Suspension, and Bowers and Wilkins. I’m fairly flexible on exterior color, but looking for the Charcoal interior. I’m looking to get sub-$750 with taxes, without MSDs. I’m looking around, but the air suspension doesn’t seem to be real popular. If anyone knows of any deals, let me know. Thanks!


Should be easily doable with the current $4,000 incentives. Check out VA/MD. Contact @okboye, see if he has any with air suspension.
Edit: fully loaded like you want should be doable, maybe not easily.


Looking for Mercedes E300 2019 0 down 550 with Tax


Looking for an mdx or rx deal under 400 a month in lake county, Illinois. Just first payment down 10 k a year 36 months. Awd base model is fine.

Pm me if you guys know of anything
I don’t qualify for loyalty or conquest


Just joined but have been browsing the site for a few weeks now. Have to say this is a great website with lots of information and helpful people.

My wife’s lease is expiring in Sept of this year. Currently leasing a NX200t (3 yr, 36K term) and car only has 22K at this point. Lexus sent us an email that we can upgrade 3 months before term end at no extra charge.

Looking to upgrade to:
RX350 or RX450h (AWD preferred)
Packages: Navigation, Panoramic roof
Exterior: Open to any light color but prefer Atomic Silver
Interior: Light color
Mileage/Term: 10K annually 24 or 36 month term
Located: Norcal, willing to pickup from Socal if the deal is right.

PM if you guys have any ideas or thoughts.

Thanks in advance,

  1. Kia Optima Hybrid
  2. 36/10 or 24/10
  3. SoCal
  4. PM
  5. Currently own a kia optima and have graduated in the last 24 months.



I am looking to lease a volco xc90 in the next month or two. My current lease goes back in May and its a Lexus. I want the xc90 to have the advanced package, I would take a T5. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Looking for a lease $650-750/month. Preferably an M3 or sports sedan type vehicle. Open to other ideas, but would like to stick to 4 doors. Any suggestions or help in the right direction are appreciated. Thanks.


Looking for lease a Volvo XC60 2018 or 2019 Demo / loaner / New, (or similar BMW or MB SUV)

24 - 36 months, 10-12k per year.

NJ area.


Looking for an M3 DCT with competition package.
Not a current BMW owner.
Located in Dallas Tx. 75093
Budget 700 - 750 including tax.

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Looking for SUV help in PA!

Hello- I am finishing a lease on a Q50 and exploring options between a XC60, QX60 and Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited but am open to any ideas. Can anybody provide some insight into current deals in the Philadelphia area as to what may be the best path to take for a 20,000 mile/year 36-39 month lease? Obviously I’m a newbie here but have been reading for a few weeks now and have basically become overwhelmed. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.


Lease is ending soon and need a bigger car for the fam.

  1. Cadillac Escalade/ Escalade ESV / Denali / Denali XL / Chevy Tahoe Z71 Midnight (2018/ 2019)
    MUST HAVE 2nd row bench - no captain chairs in 2nd row
  2. Lease /or Lease Transfer for 12k/36 mo or 12k/24 mo
  3. $750 (that is the max including tax) + $0 drive off DAS.
  4. New York State but can pick up in tri-state area
  5. Flexible on colors, loaners, demo, MSD
  • great C score
  • please PM Message me and I can call back- looking to wrap this up soon.
    It’s been fun reading all these posts but would be more fun getting to the other side

     ******Looking to sign 2 new leases*******
  1. 2018/2019 CRV, CX5, Outback or any SUV within $200-300/ month range.
  2. 36/12 or 36/15
  3. SoCal
  4. PM, text/email
  5. Currently in a Honda and Mazda lease due next month. 750+ credit score.