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  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type ::: 2014-2015 Toyota Sienna SE with rear DVD, Navigation and Blind Spot. Certified Used. White, Silver, Predawn Grey or red. Under 60K miles.
  2. Term/Mileage: Already approved for a TFS lease or purchase
  3. Region/State: CA (zip 93444–Pismo Beach Area) Willing to travel to possibly Idaho or Arizona even.
  4. Preferred method of contact Email or PM
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.) Not applicable, current TFS leasee. I do have a low mileage Sienna for trade in.


2018 Year:
530i xdriveMake, Model, and Trim:
10k/36m Months/Annual Mileage:
08873. NJZip Code:

Looking for 1,500 down and $500 per month on a 2018 or 19 bmw 5 series loaner. Thank you


Hi I’m looking for BMW 2019 330i lease. I am in So Cal area near Fullerton.

color: white
trim: sport(base)
driving assistant package
heated front seat
park distance control
msrp: 42610

Please offer me with the best lease deal. Thank you!


Looking to lease a new Lexus NX or RX350 or Infiniti QX60
12k, preferably 0 down
South Florida
Any color
Best deal possible


WTB/WTL 2019 Kona Ultimate AWD Sonic Silver/grey
Looking to lease or purchase by end of month.

For a lease I need to be below $305/mo. $29,945 MSRP down to Hyundai website discount price then subtract the current $4400 lease cash, then take $2000 more.
Tax will be paid at signing
$0 DAS besides taxes
15,000 miles per year

Southwest Ohio 45202, but will drive a couple hundred miles for the deal.

The purchase deal I have on the table right now has $2000 off the hyundai price. So I am subtracting that discount for my lease requirements as well.

Let me know what you can do and where to come. Tier 1 Credit


Looking to BUY a new 2018 Land Cruiser. Cleveland area but don’t mind paying shipping for s solid deal.


Looking for 2019 S60 T6 R-Design (w/ Advanced Package)
24/10 or 36/10
PA (willing to travel)
Preferably 1k or less down (not including MSD)
Message on here is fine

  1. 2019/Acura/RDX TECH FWD or AWD
  2. 36/12K
  3. TX
  4. Preferred method of contact: DM or email
  5. Special qualifications Acura Loyalty


2019 Ford Explorer XLT/Limited/Sport ( Limited/Sport for the right deal) has to be 4wd/AWD, Leather, 2nd row captains chairs


Kentucky, Will travel within reason

PM for contact info

Looking to get payment for around 400 or less, can do a little more for the higher trims. Can pay 1000 or less down if needed.

Tier 1 Credit


You’re on a website called Leasehackr


The purpose of this website is to facilitate leasing and many brokers here don’t even dabble in purchasing. There are other sites out there dedicated for purchasing and you will likely have more luck there. Toyota dealers especially don’t seem to do out-of-state deals frequently, though on a car like the Land Cruiser it may be different.

Separately, Cleveland has a number of auto broker services (Shaker Auto Lease comes to mind) that don’t advertise or post here, so you may have more luck offline with them.

Please try to keep the tone in check.


Looking to lease 2019 Acura RDX, Lincoln Nautilus, Volvo XC60/XC40, Cadillac XT5 or anything else in that range.
36/10 is preferable, all cars can be base models.
Budget is around 400 a month and can put around 2k at signing (including first month, bank fees etc.)
Car would be registered in NY under 10952 zip, if it would be cheaper i can register in NJ under 07430.
Recent college grad with lexus and acura available for conquest.
If car is out of state I am part of a car shipping business and can easily have the car transported


1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type

Budget: 400ish, luxury brand is preferred

2. Term/Mileage

Any term / 12k if possible

3. Region/State

Denver / CO

4. Preferred method of contact


5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)

Not sure

I am looking to lease a car in Denver, I am moving there from the east coast. From what I have seen there aren’t many deals at all and dealers (especially luxury) seem to be priced higher than back home. Open to brokers


Looking for mid range to loaded C300 12k for miles and lowest DAS as possible. I’m north of Chicago and would like to get a deal done ASAP


Hello All,

I’ve seen a lot of QX60 offers for the east coast but none for Chicagoland area. Below are the details and thank you in advance for your help

  1. Infiniti QX60 Luxe AWD
  2. 12k/36 months
  3. Chicagoland
  4. Thread reply or PM
  5. Currently, I do not own a Nissan or Infiniti

Thanks again!!

  1. 2019 RDX or Highlander or Murano or QX50
  2. 36/12K
  3. NC
  4. Preferred method of contact: DM or email
  5. VPP acura loyalty


Morning! Not possible at this time.

525 will get you there with $1000 due Im sure.

No Volvo loyalty I take it?


Amen, I think more of the people posting on this thread think the name of the site is “Dream Chaser”


Out of those, a base RDX would fit, if you add the college grad rebate in.


did you get any hits to your “G-Wagen Wanted” post yet?