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Audi Q5
36/10 or 39/10
Volvo XC60
36/10 or 39/10
Either New York City or South Florida
$0 due at signing / or first payment only
Please message me your prices


Hi folks, I’ve been looking to get a 2019 Durango RT AWD Blacktop and Tech pack in SoCal (Zip code 90025).

10k/yr, 36/39mths
$0 down
I’ll take care of the drive-offs

From what I’ve gathered so far in the area: MF is. 00018 and %53 residual.

I’m a newbie here and first time leasing. Has any of you gotten a good deal for same car around this area? Thank you so much advance. Your inputs would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I’m not opposed to paying for a broker.


Hi all, please PM me if you have a deal for the following:

  • 2018 Porsche Macan base black/black
  • Term: 36/10k or 36/7.5k
  • Region: CA
  • Looking for $0 down, minimum DAS


  1. 2019 QX60 AWD LUXE
  2. 39/10k
  3. MO
  4. PM

  1. Volvo XC40 / XC60
  2. 10K Miles
  3. NY
  4. PM
  5. Currently leasing an Infiniti Q50 that expires in March with $400 payment. Also have an Acura as well.


Looking for a Bolt Premier or LT take over in Los Angeles. Less than 20 months remaining.


Any deals out there now? Looking for a 36/12 lease with $0 DAS. NY. Curious to know if anyone has signed anything good lately. Don’t need a loaded model. Thanks!


Hi Community… long time observer, first time poster.

Looking for a QX60 LUXE (prefer the essential package).
Exterior color not big deal, but need a black interior having kids.

I’ve seen the NY/NJ no money down deals and wondering if I can replicate in Chicago land.

Timeline is next week or two… so can move by end of month if there’s a dealer out there looking to move one.

Please PM me if you can help, open to brokers.

  1. Chevy Equinox (Open to any good SUV deal regardless of model)
  2. 24 Months / 15K Miles
  3. Florida
  4. PM
  5. Currently leasing a Chevy Cruze.



Anyone can also find me an amazing deal for kia sportage
10k ny area either that or jeep cherokee will be my new lease. Thank you to everyone.


2018+ Mazda CX-5 AWD (no trim preference)
360/month max including taxes included
36 month /10k+ - flexible on length
700+ credit score, prefer black/gray, $0-1k DAS


@nyclife should be able to help

  1. 2019 AUDI Q7 3.0 premium Plus or prestige
  2. Minimum milage lease
  3. NY or 4-5 hour drive max
  4. Lease for 39 months MAX
  5. Current Audi lease ending on March 30

Please also quote me for Q8 very interested in this car also. I am ready to sign any time. No down just tax and fees upfront


What’s your budget? I been looking at Q7 3.0 P+ And prestige for a buddy in NY/NJ For a few weeks now. Maybe we can get 2 together. He wants to sign by the end of Feb


Interested in two potential vehicles. 800+ credit. Have some competitive quotes, but nothing yet worth pulling the trigger on. If anyone can make it happen, I’m looking for the following:

  1. 2019 AUDI Q5 Premium or P+
    Currently have an offer from a local for 14% below MSRP. Given high MF right now, lack of great rebates, and low residual, it’s not good enough.
    36/12k lease
    MA or 4-5 hour drive max
    Lease for 36
    Current Audi lease ending on April 18

  2. BMW X4 or X6 (some good lease cash on X6 currently, leaning that direction)
    Same lease parameters. Have a quote for a shade over 11% off. I would probably pull the trigger on the X6 if I got to 14%.


Looking for a lease around 200$/month 0$, upto medium size sedan, 10k-12k miles. Short term lease is also fine.


My budget is up to 700 (with some wiggle room) plus upfront tax and fees. Working together works for me. Let me know.


I can tell you now that 700 is impossible. Best offers I got on P+ 3.0 was mid 800s

PM me if you think you’d like to proceed

Edit: just saw that you said you want minimum mileage so perhaps in the $700s is feasible.


Looking for 19’ CX-5 FWD (all trim would be fine except Sport)
36 month / 12k (30 or 39 months are fine also)
maximum $300.00 monthly payment (before tax)
San Francisco, CA
Prefer dark gray, 0-1k DAS
PM please


Check here SoCal MAZDA February LEASE DEALS

It’s tagged as norcal too