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Depends on shipping cost(s).

$500 max and I want it covered in silk for it’s arrival.

  • Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type: 2018/2019 Lexus IS300 F sport. $300 range. 0 down + fees
  • Term/Mileage: 15/36
  • Region/State: NC
  • Preferred method of contact: PM
  • Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.):


I will take 1 too :joy:


I will be honest, sometimes i just come on this thread to gaze, smile, lower my head, shake it and hit the back button…


Looking for Midsize Luxury SUV (or high end model Durango / Grand Cherokee with Hemi). Can put down $1K max. Max payment $575 a month. Am open to different possibilities, looking for best value. 36/12. North Jersey. Need this next week!


I’m from PA and looking for CX9 awd sport/touring…any help ?


Jaguar or Land Rover PIN code anyone ???


really nothing ?


Asking for $220 on a 7 seater seems like a big stretch. Maybe a Hyundai Santa Fe?


Looking for a GREAT deal on a :

SUV / Crossover / Full Size Luxury Sedan (prefer SUV)

  • 24 month (would consider up to 36, but would have to be an incredible deal)

  • 7.5k-12k miles (prefer 10+)

  • Max 500/month (prefer 3-400)

  • Credit 790-805

  • Willing to put down as many MSD’s as possible

  • Lease currently in house (Chrysler)

Car will need to go to MA, but will have a FL reg. (Zip 34990). I am ok with going to get it within 300 miles from 01966.




My friend is looking to purchase a base T5 momentum XC90 in South Florida, but willing to travel 3-4hours.

Any hackrs have a lead on dealerships willing to deal in the area? 2018 or 2019. Goal is around 12% off MSRP - currently have offers at 9%.

Feedback on ability to get such a deal is also appreciated.


The expectations on this post are frightening :grimacing:


That’s an unfortunate “problem” of the website per se…new people join and focus on the one unicorn they see in a post 9 months ago and expect it to be the norm. Finding a unicorn is one thing…having realistic expectations, doing your due diligence and researching is another. Too many aren’t willing to put in the effort and want/expect something for “free.”


Simple question. I was able to wheel and deal my way into my latest hack. I simply don’t care to do so on behalf of my friend (agree that they should put in the sweat equity). If no constructive suggestions, move on. As noted - if price is unrealistic that feedback is appreciated, so point taken!


I don’t think anyone was pointing on your post bud. You are fine. Its the many others here who have been filling out the template and posting them like its an online order at Burger King “Have it your way”. Just read a few posts and I guarantee that you will be amazed at the Santa list some people have posted here. Majority here have unrealistic wishes which unfortunately messes up the legit requests as well.


What Mani said…nobody was replying to you per se…it just so happened you had the last post before someone did reply, however, so it appeared that way.


All good. Thank you for the clarification and I apologize for my reaction!



I am looking for Mercedes C300 4Matic with premium package for 36 months lease with 10,000 miles per year in NJ.

Please let me know the best price I can get.


  • Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type: 2019 BMW X5 0 down + fees
  • Term/Mileage: 12/36
  • Region/State: TX
  • Preferred method of contact: PM
  • Special qualifications, if applicable (, competitive lessee, etc.):


I’m in the Dallas, TX area and dealers are not coming anywhere near the prices I see here.

I’d like to find a broker that can help me land a deal. What’s the best way to find a broker in my area?

I’m looking for an SUV, maybe a Grand Cherokee, or the Tiguan, Santa Fe, or anything else really.

Price is key - $300 or less with nothing down/out the door.

Any suggestions? I’ve gone to a couple of dealers. Jeep just threw the worst offer at me. Like $450 per month and $3000 down for a 2018 Grand Cherokee base model. Didn’t even want to haggle really. VW where I currently lease from wants like $370 for the base Tiguan.

Curious if going the broker route would be more efficient for me.


75034 zip