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Hi All,

I’m looking for some advice on what car is best to lease for around $300 - $350/month with $0 down.

Currently, I drive a 2018 BMW GC 430i with 15k miles/year for $546/month and paid $0 at signing. It was an MSport Package with an MSRP of $54k. I love my car and would love to keep it for the next 2 years, but I am trying to lower my monthly payments to save money for other things.

What car or SUV is sporty and leases well?

I am in Texas for reference.


Pretty tall order if you’re looking to stay bmw.

I am open to any car really. As long as it’s somewhat fun/nice to drive.

  1. 2019/2020 330i xDrive - Well equipped White/BlackSilver
  2. 36/10 or 24/10 if cheaper
  3. NY
  4. pm or email : will respond asap
  5. Currently leasing mercedes and infiniti

Dodge Challenger- any package
36/12 or 24/10
Zero down

  1. Alfa Romeo Giulia
  2. 27 or 39months / 10k
  3. Northeast / NJ
  5. Don’t have any car in the household.

Answer my pm !!

Right? What do you think about the price?

Sorry, I didn’t see what the MSRP was or what the discount is?

MSRP 85,822. Dealer price to me of $80,601.59. Am I crazy to counter with 78 or 79K @ base MF?

  1. Any Amazing Deal SUV (around the size of Lexus RX350 or slightly smaller) with MSRP 55k and below.
  2. 36/12000 Miles
  3. Houston - Texas
  4. PM me please.
  5. First time leasing a car, I have a 2010 x5 35D, fully paid that needed to be traded in as well.

Thanks for taking your time to guide me.

No, what do you have to loose? Also, are there other dealers in your area?

Looking for a 2020 Hyundai Palaside limited awd in or around NYC. Turning in a 2017 Santa Fe up in February and expect no overage charge. I’m wayyyyy under miles. 36/10k. 780+ credit this will be my 4th Hyundai lease.

Hi everyone, im looking for (ASAP)

Bmw 2019 330 x drive
Driver Assistance Pro Package
Heated Seats
Ambient Lighting

MSD - 0
1.5 to 2k Drive Off
300 - 400 monthly range

Looking for #Mercedes. CLA or A220. 24/7500 or 36/7500. No black intrior , full msd $300 /mo range or below , loaner demo ok , I can fly or ship it
Las cruces, NM.

Willing to pay broker fees

#Mercedes #CLA.

In the market for a M340xi demo or loaner.

I live in western NY and current Charger Scatpack lease is up in Feb but willing to move sooner for a good deal.

Zip code 14224, term and mileage is flexible, can do as low as 7500 miles per year if terms are favorable. Can do MSDs. No loyalty but have Mercedes lease in household for conquest.

True. Yeah. I’ve been communicating with ones in my area as well as some outside. This dealer is local and thus far been the most upfront and transparent to deal with.

Honda Pilot for under $300? Difficult to just get a CRV under $300.


Looking for a m340i in the market. Have loyalty and need a deal done by the end of this month. Contacted a few brokers through this I understand they are busy but taking too long to get back. Thank you

I pm’d you