Please keep all your “wanted” ads here - Part 3

For a family member of mine. Looking for a CPO/New Mercedes GLC300 4matic. NJ but willing to travel to surrounding states

Looking for a broker recommendation in NorCal. Trying to get a great deal on 2023 Demo or Loaners for an EV lease. Ideally 2yr/10K. Preferred: Lyric, I4 or any EQS model. Thanks!

Thank you

looking to purchase outright hummer EV SUV e4WD 4DR 3X oMEGA

ship TO Las Vegas 89147

Honda pilot trailsport. MN

looking for polestar 2 in MA. looking to lease now.

Looking for EV9 LAND or WIND. DMV/NOVA area.

Seeking EITHER (I love both cars, and will go with the best relative deal I can find):

WRX OR EV6 for 24/10 or 36/10, whichever has the best price breaks. Willing to to put up to 3k down. Have a few local dealerships with quotes out but I feel like there’s still room given the upcoming EOM/EOQ.

This is for CA, and assume a credit score of 780+.

Try @GCauto for Norcal Lyriqs:

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South Carolina (zip 29715)
Looking for EV9 - land (or GT but can also go lower to light long range)
Cadillac lyriq

We should be able to help with both if you are okay with shipping from out of state.


1st time posting. Not sure how it works here. Current lease ending on July 11, 2024. Looking for another lease 36/10:
Zip code: 98005 (Washington state)
Make: Acura
Model: Mdx
Trim: Advanced
Ext Color: black, blue, red … basically not grey or silver
Int: black, red, or brown


RS Etron GT 24/7.5K or 36/7.5K
ZIP: 34236 (Florida)
Make: Audi
Model: RS E-tron GT
Trim: N/A
Ext: Anything but black.
Int: Anything but pure black. Black w/ contrast stitching, red, gray, brown, tan all great.

SL63 or SL55, 24/7.5k or 36/7.5k
Zip: 34236 (Florida)
Model: SL55 or SL63
Trim: N/A
Ext color: anything but black
Int: Anything but black. Black w/ contrast stitching okay.

Loaner Want:
i4 35 or 40 / gv70 electric or gv60 NOVA/DMV area

Looking to finance a 2025 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Hybrid or 2025 Honda Accord Touring Hybrid. Serious buyer with credit score 800+. Located in San Diego.

Are you only looking at loaners? I have very strong discounts with base MF in your area on BMW i4s. You’ll do better on new.

Probably out of your range to ship it, but there’s a loaner GV70 in Arkansas. There’s even nitrogen in the tires! ooooooo

:joy: bmw always stated that in my invoice back then when I serviced my M5 and X5

Lease Wanted:

ZIP Code:34232
Make: Hyundai
Model: Palisade
Trim: SEL Premium 2WD with captain’s chairs
Term: 36m/10k

Would like to be ~$475 a month with $3000 DAS.


Registering in zip code 30606 Georgia - Will travel for a deal if possible/necessary.
36/10 preferred, less term is ok but 10k mileage needed.

Audi E Tron GT
Preferably red, but would consider odd colors/slow movers. Anything except black. Any trim level.

Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo
Any trim level, any color but black. How cheap can you get me in one?

Will consider CPO and demos. Low DAS would be lovely. Not on any timeline, can wait if deals are coming soon.