Please help with awful US bank

Hi all-
Looking for anyone that has been able to get out of a lease with the dreaded US Bank. Or, just any experience in general. I feel like my only course of action is to pay my lease off early (11 months) just to get out of this terrible situation. I’m in Pa. I’m leasing a 19 Ram and want to get out of it. I THOUGHT I had two options- pay the lease out early or opt to finance it now and then trade it in. I was just told that USB will only allow you to finance through them and that they added a clause that you can’t finance it only to trade it in. That’s some BS! Any thoughts?

What does your original contract say about purchasing the truck? You should be able to secure financing with another bank then send them the check.
I always thought, once I buy the vehicle it’s none of their business what I do with it.

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That’s exactly what I thought. I just spoke with a dealership regarding my options and was told he “believes” US bank had now included this. I also didn’t know that I could only finance through them.

But, what does the contract you signed say? That is literally the only thing that matters at this point. Stop calling your dealer and read your paperwork.


I have to find my contract. I honestly never knew things like this were a thing. I got out of my prior lease early when I got my truck- I had zero issues, but I leased through Audi so maybe that has something to do with it.

Thank you for that advice.

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And to be clear, sir- I did not call a dealer. The dealer called me. I went through KBB to estimate the value of my truck. In doing so, I’m learning that local dealerships receive a notification so they have contacted me. During my conversation with the gentleman, I told him I know there’s not much he can do for me due to my lessor. He agreed and then suggested I look into this ‘new’ stipulation he heard about and stated he had only “heard” it but didn’t know for sure. HENCE… my post. I plan on looking over my contract but it’s not in my hand at this moment. Sheesh

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Even if they force you to finance with them, you can later refinance with anyone you want. Or sell right away.

Uhhh can’t you transfer a us bank lease?

Edit: never mind, 13 momth rule.

Sorry if I was brash! I want you to succeed here, Kimberly. And you will, once you read the documents.


Unless they add language that doesn’t allow that. They’re screwing us over on a ton of usbank to usbank deals right now. Adding up to $4000 on the residual for us to buy it. Last month they allowed us to buy at residual as long as we put them into a new lease. So they’re def shuffling things up there…

On the good side I haven’t heard of them screwing anyone for damages

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Yes, but OP needs to read his contract, as others said. If it’s not there, then it shouldn’t be added, I’d think.

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That’s what I assumed but I heard differently. I’m hearing that they are trying to include a stipulation that you cannot finance only to turn around and trade in or sell. I think that’s complete BS. I was just wondering if anyone heard that? I’m currently driving (passenger, lol) home from Delaware so I don’t have my contract handy- it’s at home. I just can’t imagine that would be legal.

No- they road block it. They do not allow 3rd party. I’m learning so much. I wish I knew this before I leased with them. I’m learning the hard way to not only read a contract but also to understand it.

FYI, they allow 3rd party, but they will not let you make any money off it.

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I had a U.S. Bank lease on a 2015 Equinox. They were fine at turn in. They weren’t penny pinching on things.


That sounds illegal. Did USB tell you this or did the dealer tell you this?

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I’m trying to get out of my lease early. I want to buy a new vehicle that is very very limited so my window of opportunity is extremely small. My lease is not up until feb 2023: I was hoping to just trade in to the other dealership but US bank would not give them (new dealership) any info at all regarding payoff. If I was at the end of my lease I’m sure I’d have no issues but this is a little different. :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree! They (US Bank) said that I would only be able to lease or finance w with them to get out of this. Crazy, right? I can’t wait to get home to look over my contract. But honestly- is this contract easily interpreted by the average person with no legal background, lol?

Yeah- I don’t want to make money- I just want out. I want out so bad that I’m willing (as a last resort) to pay the last 11 payments now just to get out. But then I have no vehicle until they formally accept it back.