Please Help - Low Cost SUV AWD Lease Needed in Utah

I am looking for a low cost lease for a AWD SUV (any size) for a dependable

We live in Southern Utah and our son goes to the University of Utah and has fallen in
love with skiing.

I’ve been looking at Equinox, CR-V, Tucson, RAV-4, Subaru and others.

Looking for a 36 month lease with 12k miles per year. Would like to keep the
upfront out of pocket as low as possible and it would be great if the payments
were under $175 per month. Hopefully we’re not dreaming.

We are Costco members, Farm Bureau members, UBER driver (for Hyundai
discounts), Hyundai Boost-Up participant, currently have leases for Honda Civic
and just turned in a Chevy Volt which was leased. Also USAA and PenFed

Any information anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. We are not against
having to travel to another state to get a great deal and to pick it up.

Thanks very much

Equinox is your best bet. Start there.

+1. You qualify for all the rebates on the Equinox (Costco, Farm, Lease Conquest, etc).

A reasonably dealer discount on the selling price + all the rebates = should be a heck of a deal

Aim for 10% dealer discount off an Equinox (AWD have more margins built in, so should be attainable). Then stack the discounts and profit! Or at least enjoy a super-low lease payment. :slight_smile:

Note that a 36 month lease will have a slightly higher monthly than a 24 month lease due to residual % differences.

Were you be able to get a deal on Equinox in Utah?