Please help Did I get a good deal

I just leased a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited 4x4 msrp 45,265
$433/month 36 mos 15k/yr 2408 + first month

How did I do?

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You can always do better by asking before the fact.

Do you have an opinion on the numbers?

Do you have sales price before rebates? What was residual and mf? What is included in the 2400 drive off fees? Search forum for my grand cherokee deal and a deal posted by another member.

42008 adj cap cost was 36005 mf not sure
In the 2408 was 1878 in tax and fees

It is not a bad deal especially since you getting 15k a year. Sales price could have been maybe another 1000 less not a bad deal.

thank you. Happy new year

I saw as low as 368 with 2k drive off for 10k miles. So your deal is right in line with this adjusting or mileage etc. I am surprised that even though the adj cap cost is 36, the monthly is still above 400. Not knowing the MF is a carnal sin since this influences the payment heavily (and it’s where dealers can hide their profits). Try to find it out.

With what type of build?

It was the same msrp sort of but that person got it for 40,500 or so sales price. Do not overthink it. Its not a bad deal cosidering you have at least 4% less residual.