Please help decipher this lease sheet 2020 Ford Escape

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Buffalo, NY trying to negotiate on a 2020 Ford Escape the dealer sent me this as an initial offer and it is so all over the place I can’t decipher any of this. I told him only acquisition and NYS DMV fees DAS but it looks like he’s also throwing in a $1000 cash cap. I need to know where to go from here. Any help would be appreciated.

Could you attach the lease sheet? :eyes:


I’m guessing it’s a rebate or dealer cash.

Did you ask??

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Whoops! My bad, did it from my phone thought they were attached :joy:

I uploaded the lease sheet for clarification

Pretty rough deal unless I’m really missing something. You need way more of a discount of MSRP

If you haven’t, get the residual/interest/incentives from Edmunds - I don’t see anything that looks like rent charge in here. Verify incentives. Discount could be better.

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Totally agreed, this is just an initial offer so I have yet to counter back. Just wanted all the info so I can accurately counter back.

Verified interest rate and RV with Edmunds along with incentives which include a $750 Lease cash and a $300 Dealer Cash. Which is not shown on this broken down anywhere. I am a healthcare worker but he didn’t state what incentive Ford has for that, just asked me and told me I qualify for an incentive.

There is no point countering someone who wants almost $500 for a Ford Escape.


You’ve been a member for months, have made several threads about different vehicles, have read the forum for 2 days - and want us to dissect a $500/mo quote for a Ford Escape?

This is a complete waste of everyone’s time including your own.

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Still no luck with trying to get an Escape. Emailed every dealer within a 200 mile radius of Buffalo and they all keep coming up with the exact same numbers for a monthly payment. The lowest I got someone down to was $390…which I obviously know is ridiculously high for this car. Look for advice on how to proceed. I essentially get them to give me base interest rate, but the discount they are giving never exceeds 5%. Am I trying to lease the wrong car? I need an SUV with a trailer hitch that I can lease for around $330/ month with at most $3k out of pocket. Any and all advice would be welcome. Apologies if I’m just being annoying at this point, just frustrated overall.

Are you shopping only for vehicles with a trailer hitch installed already?

ideally yes, just don’t want to put the money into installing one on a vehicle then paying to have it taken off at lease turn in.

I bet you’ll find that shopping for one without opens up the market enough to save you more than enough to pay to put a hitch on. I’d be shocked if anyone complained I’d you turned the vehicle in with a hitch still in place, unless it was a poorly done job

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Fair point I just don’t know where to start in terms of SUVs that aren’t total crap. I refuse to go back to Subaru with how many issues I had with my current one. I also feel like my budget of $330/ month does not leave me with many options.

I put a hitch on my last Ford and returned it without any issue.

If you want a deal on an Escape, cast a wider net than you already have.

So with that being said. I don’t mind going further out. But what do we think is a good goal to aim for? They’re all willing to give me base interest rate. So in terms of discount…11%? too aggressive?