Please evaluate this quote for 2019 GLC

2019 GLC 2019, new
MSRP $48,890 (premium package, apple car play)
Selling price before any incentives being applied- $42,300
Money Factor (MF)- .00031
Residual Value (RV)- 54%
Term / Miles per yr- 36 mo/7500 mi
monthly payment- $550 (including state tax, levied on the monthly rate)
Drive off- $0 (first month payment is waived too)

Anyone? seems like leasing GLC isnt a good idea.

Just bumping this thread to see if any kind soul out there with any input?

If you want a GLC, the 350e is the way to go for cheaper leases.

Little inventory in our area. Any dealers here that have in stock? (Philly suburb, 9% lease tax)