Please evaluate this deal for me? Silverado LT Crew Cab

Looking to lease a 2017 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab LT w/1LT

MSRP 46,975
Selling Price: 40,750
Gov Fees: 170
Admin Fee: 349
Acq Fee: 595
Gross Cap Cost: 41,693.99
Residual: 28,185
Rebate: 500
Net Cap Cost: 40,318.76
Cash Cap Reduction: 1,496

39 Monthly payments of 396.07


Well the cash reduction kind of masks your lower payment. Add another 50 bucks to the payment and its not the best deal but its ok i guess.

Didn’t you post silverado all star msrp 45+k for 299 with 1500 down? This deal is much worse.

I did, but I missed that as it expired on 1/3. Crew Cabs have less incentives than double cabs unfortunately…

What is money factor they are charging you?