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Please delete, thank you. Appreciate it.


Congrats on the new ride!


Sounds like a good deal? This is loaded right?

Yes, pretty much every option except High Altitude package or running boards.

Congrats on the deal, looks really strong. Interesting lease terms (ccap?) and 2k private offer ? Was that one of those mail things that Jeep sends out. If you can could you put it on signed?

Shqipe gorgeous truck. Congrats

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Yes, ccap lease. No more 24 month terms this month from ccap. I mean marked up mf but it is what it is.

Faleminderit Shqipe. Per nje kusheri jo per vete. Do e ve timin me vone.

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Yeah, jeep send quite a few last week and this week. Some 1750 some 2000.

Would take that discount for the markup. Congrats on the truck again.

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Nice. How to get $2k website tdm coupon? I thought the website tdm coupon was always $1k.

Its not from website. Jeep send targeted emails. Some for 1750 some for 2000.

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All of the $2000 private tdm codes I have seen say retail only in the fine print. I wonder if your dealers is going to end up eating it on this one. These were the ones sent out last week.

Do you know the program ID on your offer?


Yeah, you are correct. Dealer could not pull the code. I send the email but I guess did not read the fine print and dealer did not. So I guess it will be 513 a month with 5k down because we signed 2 contracts. I asked to lower the mark up and kind of split the difference if we used only the $1000 tdm code instead of $2000 tdm above. However, funding has not happened or dealer reached out.

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Actually the heading above says purchase or lease right by jeep wave.

It says you will be enrolled in a Jeep Wave membership with a purchase or lease. This has nothing to do with the Bonus Cash which is only valid on a purchase and not a lease. Always have to read the fine print.

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Yeah? thanks for that valuable information. I was not aware of that fact.

How to get that 7500 fed rebate?

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Bank passes that to you as a rebate. Everyone gets it on a lease

Ah, this is 4xe